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Blurry, Itchy Eyes During Pregnancy

You're not just eating for two—you're seeing for two. Learn why your eyes are blurry and itchy, and what you can do about it.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Those hormone changes can make your eyes itchy, red and sensitive to light. And that swelling in your boobs and ankles? It can extend to your eyes—particularly troublesome if you wear contacts. The swelling of the cornea paired with a decrease in tear production makes eyes dry and uncomfortable, and can weaken vision. Try to limit the time you spend in contacts, and never wear them at night. 

If you notice problems like blurred or distorted vision, contact your doctor right away—it might be a sign of more serious conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Also check with your doctor before you use any eye medication, because certain drops can be harmful to baby. You’re not just eating for two, you’re seeing for two!  The good news is, once baby comes, your eyes should correct themselves.

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