What Happens to Baby’s Brain During Their First Year

All the cognitive milestones to expect those first 12 months.
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March 18, 2022
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The first year of baby’s life may just be the most important—thanks to a tremendous amount of growth and critical “brain building” that happens during those early months. These first synapses and pathways created in the brain lay the foundation for all later growth and development. Translation? All of those games of patty-cake and endless readings of the same book over and over will pay off, we promise. Below, see the stats that show just how much a baby’s brain grows during this crucial stage.

So how does all of this break down over the baby’s first 12 months? Each stage brings new abilities and levels of understanding, from social and emotional growth to reasoning and problem-solving. Here are some important developmental milestones you can expect in the first year—and how to support baby’s growth along the way.

Tap the buttons below to see how baby is changing at each stage.

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