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Major Milestones You Can Expect in Baby’s First Six Months (Watch!)

They grow up so fast! Here’s what to look for during the early stages of baby’s development.

The Bump and Enfamil NeuroPro present A Smart Start, a sponsored series featuring advice and information to help you navigate baby’s biggest firsts. Visit Enfamil.com/proof to learn more about the brain-building nutrition in NeuroPro formula.

From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you probably began dreaming of seeing baby’s sweet smile. In fact, in the first six months, infants achieve many exciting milestones—each one a positive sign the brain is hard at work growing and developing. As a new parent, you want to make sure baby receives all the nutrition they need to reach these major developments. If you’re breastfeeding, nature’s got you covered, but if you decide to formula feed, consider choosing Enfamil NeuroPro, which contains important brain-building nutrients inspired by breast milk. Watch the video to find out the four major milestones to look for in the first six months, as well as the nutrition behind each step. (But don’t get too hung up on the timing, as every baby develops at his or her own pace.)