Watch: These Easy Organization Ideas Will Save Your Sanity

Because you WILL forget to bring the diaper bag at least once.
ByKate Traverson
Aug 2020
illustated mom and baby with organized entryway
Photo: Lulu Jiang

Video illustration: Lulu Jiang

Take it from us: Baby brain is real. Between the sleep deprivation and the ever-growing list of baby-related to-dos, your mind as a new parent is likely running a mile a minute. So it’s no surprise that you occasionally leave your keys in the fridge or forget baby’s bottle when you leave the house (🙋guilty). The best way to fight the brain fog? Get ultra-organized. Having a place for everything you need—bonus points if it’s in plain sight—is key to feeling less frazzled. Watch the video for simple ways to organize your home and keep it that way. Seriously, they’re so easy to execute you could do them all in one afternoon and without a single tool. And if you’re looking for more simple DIYs for the nursery, check out these articles on damage-free decorating and organizing.

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