How to Choose the Best Baby Registry for You

Look out for these game-changing benefits.
ByKate Traverson
September 1, 2021
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You may have already started thinking about what essentials to include on your baby registry, like that easy Velcro swaddle your best mom friend swears by. But an even more important decision is where you’ll register. From the stores’ benefits and rewards to the convenience factor—for both you and the gift givers—there are a lot of pros and cons to weigh. Below, we break down the most important (and valuable) features to keep in mind when you’re choosing a registry, plus why the Target baby registry, including a full Year of Benefits, ticks all the boxes.

Extra discounts and savings

Sometimes the most necessary little items ( diapers, pacifiers, baby wipes, a booger sucker) just don’t seem glamorous enough for people to buy as gifts, so they might get overlooked on your registry. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still really need them! Look for registry programs that provide extra savings for these daily essentials. Target baby registry offers a Year of Benefits, including a year of deals and discounts through Target Circle, so you can continue to save on diapers, feeding, clothing and more a year after baby arrives. But what about the items left unpurchased on your registry? Eight weeks before baby’s arrival date, Target also gives you a 15 percent off coupon for anything left on your wish list. And you can use it two times—once online and once in the store.

Free gifts

Arguably, freebies aren’t a necessity—but they sure are an awesome bonus. Plus, welcome gifts are designed to give you a preview of different brands and new products, so it’s a risk-free way to try out babycare items and see what you like. At Target, the welcome kit you receive after creating your baby registry includes coupons and free samples valued at over $150. You and baby will feel like influencers with all the cool free stuff you’ll get!

Free returns or exchanges

The truth is, until you’re actually living with baby, it’s kind of hard to know exactly what you’ll need and use every day. You might figure out the baby swing you picked is just impractical for your living space before you even get it out of the box or that the fancy bottle you got multiples of is totally rejected by baby (hint: only open one to try it out first!). That’s why it’s important to choose a registry that allows easy returns or exchanges, and to make sure you wait on opening anything until you absolutely need it. Target gives you a whole year to return any new, unopened items so you’ll never be stuck with something you don’t need. Tip: This includes unopened diapers…just in case you’ve got a few too many newborn packs (and a 9-pound baby!).

The ability to add products from anywhere

With the popularity of online shopping and direct-to-consumer brands these days, you might already have some pretty specific items in mind. With a universal registry, you can add products from anywhere, so you’re never limited to what only one store sells. Target makes this easy with a universal registry bookmark that makes adding an item from any store as simple as one click.

A huge selection of products

Variety is the spice of life…and the key to a really useful baby registry. Yes, you’ll want all of the baby gear must-haves, but don’t sleep on important products that take care of you too. Postpartum recovery staples, comfy loungewear, a new mug for the new dad—those aren’t things you’ll necessarily find at a baby store. But at Target, you can register for more than just the usual suspects, and you totally should. Bonus: You get to take advantage of some of the bullseye’s exclusive brands like Cloud Island for on-trend nursery decor or babycare essentials from Up & Up.

Ease of use for friends and family

Since they’re being so thoughtful to give you a gift, you want to make it as simple as possible for your loved ones to buy items off your registry. The option to shop in-store or online is appreciated by baby shower guests everywhere. Another beloved feature? Group gifting, so your friends can go in on a big ticket item like a crib without having to Venmo money back and forth. Target offers both, plus features like drive-up, pickup or two-day shipping, which makes the gift-buying process easy and stress-free for your friends and family.

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