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11 Baby Registry Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Veteran parents highly recommend these useful gifts.

Registering for baby can seem simple at first. After all, you know you need some major gear—like a car seat and stroller—plus essentials for the nursery. But once you’ve ticked those big-ticket boxes, it’s hard to know what else you’ll actually use. That’s why we asked experienced parents to spill about the items they value most and why. (Some of them might surprise you!) Shop our picks now or add them to your Walmart baby registry.

1. A diaper cream applicator to prevent messes

Who knew a diaper cream brush was even a thing, let alone an essential? Think about it this way: “Diaper rash creams are gooey, sticky and impossible to get off your fingers, especially under your nails!” says Melissa C. “With one of these, the cream spreads evenly and smoothly” and your hands stay clean.

Our pick: Nuby Dr. Talbot’s diaper paste paddle,

2. Muslin blankets for swaddling and so much more

Muslin blankets are lightweight, soft and easy to swaddle with. They’re also the ultimate multitaskers, since you can use them as a changing surface, play mat, stroller shade or for privacy while breastfeeding. “I found [them] to be perfect nursing covers when out and about,” says Angie J.

Our pick: Ideal Baby swaddles, set of 3,

3. A temporal thermometer to take temps on the sly

A quick and simple forehead scan is the ultimate sanity saver for parents who want to keep an eye on a sick baby’s temp. “When they’re asleep and you need to check their temperature, you won’t need to wake them up if you use a forehead thermometer,” says Rob A.

Our pick: Exergen temporal artery thermometer,

4. Burp cloths for easy cleanup

Many new parents are shocked at how many burp cloths they go through—there’s always something to wipe up or absorb! “I had a colicky baby so spit-up was constant. I literally walked around with a burp cloth constantly on my shoulder,” says Celeste C. “I liken them to dish towels when you’re cooking dinner—always have one on hand to wipe up!”

Our pick: Hudson Baby flannel burp cloths, set of 4,

5. An electric nail trimmer to file tiny talons

Cutting a newborn’s nails can seem pretty intimidating. “The first time I ever tried to use nail clippers I cut my baby’s skin, and we both cried,” says Carrie P. “An electric nail filer was a lifesaver. The baby ones have such a fine grinder that it doesn’t hurt at all, and I could do it while she slept.”

Our pick: ZoLi BUZZ B electric nail trimmer,

6. A pacifier clip to rein in the binky

Forget having to pick up the pacifier from the floor—and clean it—a million times. (What starts as an accidental drop is sure to become baby’s favorite new game at some point.) “The clips that attach a Binky to clothing was one of our saving graces,” says Jennifer H.

Our pick: BooginHead PaciGrip universal pacifier holder,

7. A breast milk storage set to organize your supply

When you’ve got a hungry, crying baby, the last thing you want to do is waste time searching for the right bottle or bag of milk. “Not only does our organizer help prevent milk waste, it also helps me stay organized and avoid confusion as to which milk should be used,” says Stella V.

Our pick: Medela breast milk storage solution set,

8. A nasal aspirator to unclog stuffy noses

Babies are bound to catch a few colds before their first birthday, and the inevitable stuffy nose can make them really uncomfortable. Enter the nasal aspirator: “It clears a stuffy nose for baby, since they can’t blow on their own,” says Nicole S.

Our pick: Fridababy NoseFrida the SnotSucker nasal aspirator,

9. A wrap-style carrier with plenty of support

You’ll definitely want a carrier for those times you don’t want to haul out the stroller, but it’s also ideal when you want to keep baby extra close at home. “My son went through fussy phases when he wanted to be held all the time, and that was exhausting!” says Lynn R. “I found that if I wore him, he’d stay calm and I could get a few things done around the house.”

Our pick: Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier,

10. A booster seat for meals at home or on the go

A portable seat that’s designed to stand on its own or strap to a regular kitchen chair is super versatile. “We used a travel high chair instead of a full-sized one in our apartment, since we didn’t have a ton of space,” says Liza S. “We also could easily bring it along on trips or when we visited the grandparents.”

Our pick: Summer Infant Pop 'n Sit portable booster seat,

11. A sleek and streamlined diaper-changing kit

You probably already have a full-sized diaper bag on your list, but a small kit that stashes just the essentials will be clutch. “I had a ‘diaper wallet’ with a few diapers and wipes and a changing pad that I kept clipped on the stroller,” says Christa G. “As long as I had that with me, I knew I had everything I needed.”

Our pick: Skidaddle by Skip Hop diaper-changing station,

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