You Can Decorate for Baby’s Birthday Without Leaving Your Own Backyard

Check out this mom’s tips for a homemade plant-themed celebration.
ByKate Traverson
Aug 2020
the Green family
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When her self-described “quarantine baby” Bodhi hit his six-month milestone, blogger Joy Green (of Joyfully Green) decided it was important to plan some way to celebrate. “He was born right before the lockdown, and we really felt like there are so many things he’s missed out on. Making everyday moments special is our way of lifting our spirits,” Green says. But stuck at home with limited access to party supplies, she had to get creative.

Inspired by her love of plants, Green enlisted her husband Kevin, 4-year-old daughter Kai and even baby Bodhi to hunt for botanical decorations in their own backyard, using them to create a very special backdrop for a virtual celebration. “Sharing his little party with extended family or video-calling the grandparents really put a smile on everyone’s faces,” says Green. Below, see her easy decorating tips for a greenery-themed birthday party that requires only a few supplies, but will inspire a whole lot of family fun.

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Hang a Botanical Banner

Want a super-chic and (almost) free decoration? Create a garland of greenery cut from your own yard. It’s as simple as clipping sprigs of fresh foliage to a string. Use wooden clothespins for a rustic touch, or simply tie the stems on. “It’s easiest to look for plants that retain water well. Things with a woody stalk tend to last longer after cutting,” Green says. If you’re nervous about nailing the perfect positioning, Command® Adjustables™ make it easy to move your hooks or clips up to three times within the first 20 minutes, so you can readjust to get it just right. Bonus: Like all Command™ Products, they come down damage-free. “Who hasn’t hung something too high or too low? I do that all the time! I love being able to take it on and off without chipping the paint,” Green says.

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Fancy Up Balloons With Foliage

Balloons are a classic way to create a festive atmosphere, but you can elevate (pun intended) the look by tying a little greenery to the string. For a more minimal look, gather a few clippings around the balloon’s knot. For a bigger statement, layer foliage all the way down the string, like a garland. “Collect many clippings from the same type of plant/bush so you can carry the theme throughout. Adding greenery to the balloons gives it a cohesive look,” Green says.

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Create a Simple Centerpiece With Candles

If you want a centerpiece that packs a lot of bang for the buck, try a massive grouping of inexpensive white candles. Whether it’s tapers, pillars or tealights, you can usually purchase a multipack on the cheap, but it’s the large quantity and monochromatic color that makes the look ultra chic. (Also, the display is so striking on its own, there’s no need to light them— especially if baby will be nearby. You can save that for the cake.) For an extra pop, surround the display with more foliage clippings.

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Use Your House Plants as a Backdrop

Green says she added a lush boost to the atmosphere by rounding up her household plants in the background. “We are naturally plant obsessed and care for many indoor plant babies. With a last name like Green, we had to make our name proud,” she says. Don’t be afraid to pull plants from other areas of your home to make the celebration space or virtual backdrop feel cozy. No one will ever know they’ve been rehomed for the day.

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Get the Kids Involved

If baby has older siblings or even cousins who want to join in the fun, finding and gathering plant clippings is the perfect outdoor activity for the whole fam. “I asked my daughter which branches she would like to trim and she had a blast directing me,” Green says. Kids can help look for plants, add flowers to vases, clip on the garland and even hang the decorations. And don’t forget to include baby too—a little extra outdoor time is something we can all benefit from these days.

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