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10 Things Moms Wish They’d Known About Breastfeeding

Chances are, you’ve read our official Breastfeeding Guide , but what are those things no one tells you or talks about?

“I wish I had known about cluster feeding and that it was totally normal for baby to nurse every hour sometimes.” — Leah L.

“Don’t run off to another room to nurse baby. Women need to see other women nursing to know how normal it is, and know that it's okay to do it in public.” — Stacy P.

“I wish I’d known about fenugreek [an herb said to boost milk production] and nursing time tea! Also, that breastfeeding is the most stressful thing that I have ever done in my entire life. Period.” — Sarah L.

“Sometimes breastfeeding doesn't work out and this does not make you a bad mother!” — Danielle T.

“People will pressure you about pumping because ‘they want to feed the baby too!’” — Asha E.

“You’ll miss it when it’s time to stop. I can't wait to do it again.” — Marseille L.

“I wish I knew that it was a good way to lose weight without losing it too fast.” — Sarah K.

“I wish I’d known how hard it is to wean a baby off of breastfeeding.” — Anne K.

“How much all the women in my life would want to watch_ intently. I guess it’s just amazing for everyone.” — _Vidette M.

“I wish I’d known how time-consuming it is. But I wouldn't want to give my time to anyone else.” — Lisa B.

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