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Here’s How to Decorate the Nursery for Less (Watch!)

Check out our tips for setting up baby’s nursery—including what to buy now vs. later.

Once those nesting instincts kick in, prepare to have a lot of fun designing the nursery. After all, it’s one of the most creative ways to get ready for baby—not to mention it makes it all feel really real. While it’s tempting to shop with abandon, there are plenty of budget-savvy ways to make the room look cute and cozy. So before you drop major bank on all those accessories, furniture and toys, watch our video to learn spend-smarter tips so you can actually, you know, save for those upcoming expenses and your growing family. Consider using Ally Bank’s Online Savings Account (Ally Bank, Member FDIC) to help you make the most of your savings for baby and set the stage for your long-term goals.

Disclaimer: Consider consulting a financial professional before making any major money decisions.

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