Bumpie Tip of the Week: Choosing A Guardian

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Updated March 2, 2017
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Oh boy- time for yet another BIG decision! Is it weird to not have family as guardians? Our Bumpies on the Parenting after 35 Board shared their thoughts on choosing a guardian:

"We designated the best man from our wedding and his wife.  My brother doesn’t want children and DHs brothers are kind of a mess.  My brother would be in charge of the money aspect, but our friends would be great at raising our boys. " -smerk*

“We decided to go with DH’s best friend and his wife.  They have 3 young children and are good people.  Though they are not our religion, I’m not too concerned about that because they fit the bill on everything else and are still our best option.” -Strunell

“I don’t think it has to be family.  It should be whoever you feel the most comfortable raising. To be honest, the only person I would feel comfortable taking care of DD2 if something were to happen to us is DD1, who is actually insistent that she get her little sister to take care of. So that’s probably weirder than not having family as guardians.” -aurora974

“This isn’t something that should be decided based on family “politics” or the risk of hurt feelings —- this is about your child and who will love him and raise him the way that you want him to be raised.” -ELF4321

“As parents, our most important job is to raise our kids well.  If we die, we want the most capable people to raise our children, the ones who agree with our value system.  In my case, it’s my brother, but if I didn’t trust him, I’d have no problem going somewhere else.” -meganandchester9

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“You need to pick the person/people that you would trust to raise your child/children bottom line.  Family or friends who cares?” -jlw250

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with naming someone outside your family if they are the people that you would trust the most with your child.  I try to think about it in terms of who would give the best life for our child if something were to happen to us and if that is someone outside of your family there is nothing wrong with that.” -sparky1

Tell us: How did you choose your child’s guardian?

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