Bumpie Tip of the Week: Moms Share the Parenting Lessons They’ve Learned So Far

ByJackie DiBella
Jan 2017
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Congratulations, you are a first time mommy! Now what?

Our Bumpies on the Babies 0-3 months board have exposed the findings of what having a newborn is REALLY like!

“How fussy your baby is, is inversely proportional to how many people are around that are willing to take them off your hands. For instance, for the first two weeks my baby was an angel — there were also three of us in the house to deal with her. First two days at home when I’m by myself - and she screams bloody murder all day long.” -markhamg*

“The Relax Melodies app is a life saver! White noise and rain puts baby in a relaxed state in a second!” -DBW062

“Point the penis down!!!” -Runaway2

“Working out a night time schedule with your husband is a lifesaver. He may not be getting 7-8 hours of sleep, but he does get dinner on the table, laundry done, and a fairly clean house at the end of the day, so he’s pretty happy to sacrifice 1-2 hours of sleep a night in exchange for all of that.” -VPGIRLO6

"Lower your standards of housecleaning, because it won’t get done. It just won’t. " -kleigh96

“Burping after every ounce eaten is a must!” -SmoothieQueen2

“Life will be chaos, but it will get better after he first two weeks. I now find time to eat and pee,  take baby out by myself,  shower every day, etc.” -kellyrn99

“Yes, babies are small, but they sure make mountains of laundry. I thought I had a lot of laundry before — ha!” -kayla6

“Never assume you won’t need the burp cloth. Never.” -leahstarrh

*Some names have been changed.

Tell us: What did you learn during the first three months of being a parent?

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