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Samantha Leal

Celeb Royalty: What Will These Mini Celebs Look Like?


Over here at TheBump.com, we’re a bit celeb-obsessed. Okay, maybe we’re no Perez Hilton, but we do love a bit of star gossip. So with all these baby bumps on the red carpet, we have to wonder: Just what are these little ones going to look like?

Photo: Thinkstock / The Bump

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper

Newly married couple Lily Allen and Sam Cooper announced their pregnancy on the day of their wedding on June 11. With a singer mom and a painter dad, this kid is creatively destined, don’t you think? 

Photo: From left: PR PHOTO; Getty / The Bump

January Jones and ?

The _Mad Men _star announced her pregnancy in April, with only speculation as to who the baby daddy is. So naturally, we used Jon Hamm, aka Don Draper, as the dad. Because showbiz is reality, right? 

Photo: PR PHOTO / The Bump

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

They already have little one Honor Marie (age 3), and if that’s any indication of how cute this baby is going to be, we better get ready for the oohs and ahhs. (And they better get ready for the paparazzi.)

Photo: PR PHOTO / The Bump

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro

These two announced in April that while not a couple, they are indeed expecting a bundle of joy. Really, we’re just imagining Rod Stewart as a grandfather. Lucky kid! (But they might want to rethink the hairdo.) 

Photo: PR PHOTO / The Bump

Mike Myers and Kelly Tisdale

In May, this recently married couple announced they were expecting! With parents like these, this babe will surely be a megababe. (C’mon, we couldn’t resist a _Wayne’s World _joke.)

Photo: From left: PR PHOTO; Getty Images / The Bump

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

Joining big sister Madison (age 15) and brother Rocko (19 months), this little one is expected to arrive in the fall. We’re just wondering how in the world you would rebel with a father like Knoxville — go into finance?  

Photo: From left: PR PHOTO; Getty Images / The Bump

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond

Another baby will join big sister Alice (age 5) to round out this family. Insert “bossypants” pun here.


Photo: From left: PR PHOTO; Getty Images / The Bump