Ain't It the Truth: 12 Celebs Share What It Is to Be a Mom

Whether they're experiencing first-time motherhood or on their sixth child (hey there, Angelina Jolie), these women pass along the joys, wisdom and "aha" moments they've learned along the way. Welcome to new parenthood!
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Updated March 2, 2017
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Blake Lively

“I’ve always felt like a mama.” — Blake Lively, on welcoming her first child, to _ People_


Reese Witherspoon

“I call it my CNN ticker tape: Is Ava OK? Yes. Is Deacon OK? Yes. Is Tennessee OK? Yes. Back to Ava.” — Reese Witherspoon, on what it is to be a mother, to _ Glamour_


Amanda Peet

“One surprise of motherhood for me was how little control I have. It’s been bittersweet and humbling.” — Amanda Peet, who recently welcomed baby No. 2, to _ Good Housekeeping _


Heidi Klum

“I was confident before I had my children, but maturing and becoming a mother enhances that self-confidence.” — _Heidi Klum, to _ Redbook


Elizabeth Banks

“When you have children, it’s the entire focus of your life, but my capacity for joy has been opened up in a way I never thought possible.” — Elizabeth Banks, to _ Redbook_


Molly Sims

“I absolutely cannot wait to see what life will be like as a mother to a toddler and a newborn.” — Molly Sims, who is expecting a second child, on


Jessica Alba

“When you become a mom, the last thing you want to do is feel judged because everybody is trying to do the best they can." — Jessica Alba, to _ People_


Angelina Jolie

“The great thing about having a bunch of kids is that they just remind you that you’re the person who takes them to go poop.” — Angelina Jolie, on how being a mom of six put everything in perspective, to _ Total Film_


Jessica Simpson

“Motherhood is the best thing I’ve ever experienced – and the most challenging.” — Jessica Simpson, to _ People_


Scarlett Johansson

“It’s exhausting in the most wonderful way.” — Scarlett Johansson, who welcomed daughter Rose Dorothy in 2014, to _ People_


Mariska Hargitay

“You make sacrifices to become a mother. But you really find yourself and your soul when you are one.” — Mariska Hargitay, to _ Redbook _


Garcelle Beauvais

“Being a mom made me stronger. I’m a warrior!” — _Garcelle Beauvais, to _ Redbook

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