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5 Stroller Features That’ll Help You Get Out the Door a Little Easier

Outings with baby aren’t always a walk in the park. But the right stroller can make it less stressful.

As a parent-to-be, it can be hard to imagine how much life will change once your little one arrives. Even if you’ve spent some time road-testing strollers and reading advice, you might be wondering whether some of these touted features really matter—or how to prioritize them. But trust us: When your hands are full with a fidgety baby and an overflowing diaper bag, getting out of the house will no longer be as simple as grabbing your wallet and hitting the road. That’s why a stroller like Maxi-Cosi’s Lila Modular Stroller System can be a total game-changer: Its convenient features will help you stay organized and keep baby comfortable (a key component to staying out all day). Here’s what else to look for in your first stroller to help you get out the door fast—and less frazzled.

1. Included accessories

From diapers and wipes to a change of clothes, there’s no shortage of things to remember every time you leave the house. To simplify the process, look for a stroller that already has all the add-ons you’ll need built-in. The Lila comes pre-equipped with convenient accessories that are often sold separately for other strollers: like a storage pouch, child snack tray, parent cupholder (coffee is essential), and even a cold-weather cover. Not only will these included extras minimize the “where did we leave that?” mad dash around the house, but they’ll also make it that much easier to handle life on the go.

2. A seat that easily transforms

There’s bound to be times when baby seems practically allergic to naps—until placed in a stroller. There’s something magical about motion that can get even the fussiest infant snoozing. With this in mind, the Lila has an ergonomic inlay that’s suitable for newborns, along with a seat that transforms into a bassinet with the push of a button, so baby can sleep comfortably in a lie-flat position. This is crucial since naptime outings can be the ultimate sanity-saver: Fresh air, the opportunity to run errands, and time to socialize or enjoy a date night (or day) while baby sleeps are priceless as a new parent.

3. One-handed fold

When you’re bouncing from house to car and back again, you’ll likely need to open and close your stroller countless times a day. So a set of wheels that folds flat with one hand like the Lila is a must-have when you’re busy juggling more precious cargo—your baby. Not only will this feature minimize future frustrations, but it’ll allow you to store the stroller quickly and easily.

4. All-weather comfort and privacy

Whether you wish to keep baby away from prying eyes—and potentially germy hands—or diffuse the sunlight during a much-needed nap, an attached privacy shade is a great multipurpose feature. Sure, you could create a makeshift shade with a lightweight blanket, but this setup can be clunky or worse, hazardous, if it restricts airflow. The Lila stroller’s sunshade has a mesh window that allows for air circulation, topped with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 canopy for ultimate sun protection. Another way to ensure baby’s comfort? A reversible thermo-regulated seat cushion that keeps your little one cool in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. (Bonus: It’s machine-washable!)

5. Spacious storage

On the go, your stroller is essentially your car, nursery and kitchen rolled into one. Which is why having plenty of storage space is important for stashing everything from a diaper bag and toys to snacks and groceries. But with traditional under-stroller storage, you’re stuck crouched on the ground while you root around below baby to find what you need. Thankfully, the Lila’s storage basket actually doubles as a removable tote, making it a snap to pull it out, grab what you want, and get back to your life.

Getting out the door with an infant may never be truly carefree—there’s always a last-minute feed, diaper explosion, or a “Where the heck is the pacifier?!” moment. But with the right stroller, you’ll at least be able to roll with whatever baby throws (and spills) your way.

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