Dancing With the Stars Host Brooke Burke Charvet on Multi-tasking and Motherhood

Talk about busy! Brooke Burke Charvet has her hands full designing maternity products, running, hosting Dancing With the Stars — and, of course, playing mom to an energetic brood of four! We caught up with the mompreneuer to chat about balancing work and play, losing the baby weight, and living by her mommy mantra.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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The Bump: You’re not just a TV host — you’re also a mompreneur! Why was it important to you to start your own businesses?

Brooke Burke Charvet: The truth is I’ve accomplished more as a mother than I did before I had children. I think it’s important for all women to tap into their creative energy. I designed my first line of post- pregnancy products for my own needs, but they worked and I wanted to share them with women everywhere. I love fashion and design, so next I dabbled intimate apparel, and I’m currently working on my active-leisure line, named Caelum. I love designing things that are missing in my own personal life and using my platform to share them with women everywhere. I like to maximize all of my opportunities.

TB: Do you have any secrets for juggling all that you do?

BBC: Wine! “Less expectance, more acceptance” is my mommy mantra. I’ve learned to manage the chaos rather than striving for perfection every day.

TB: What did you learn about pregnancy after doing it four times?

BBC: That four children is enough, and there will not be a fifth! Embracing the different physical stages of your pregnancy is so important. Conception, pregnancy and birth are a true miracle, and I’m blessed to be a mother. Once they’re born, the hard part starts.

TB: What was your biggest fear before giving birth? Most of our readers are pregnant, so I’m sure they’ll relate!

BBC: Fear of the unknown, because no book prepares you for the reality of child birth. It was about delivering a healthy child and trusting my own maternal instincts.

TB: What was your most embarrassing pregnancy or new mom moment?

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BBC: Projectile vomit all over me in flights! I never was a fast enough reactor! Note to self: always pack an extra shirt for mom in the baby bag — babies aren’t the only ones who need a change of clothes.

TB: What kind of dad is your husband David? Does he have any daddy traditions with the kids?

BBC: He’s totally hands on, committed, affectionate and invested. They love to scooter together — and yes, David has his own. One of his favorite past-times is play time on the Santa Monica Pier. I’m still not sure who’s better at skeeball, him or the kids.

TB: Speaking of play, you’re working with Children’s Claritin now on a special initiative. Please tell us about that!

BBC: I’m working with Children’s Claritin to help spread the word to parents across America that every vote counts in their effort with KaBOOM! to bring play to schools in need. You can just go to the Facebook page and vote. The four schools with the most votes will each receive Imagination Playground equipment — these mobile play sets comprised of oversized, foam blocks create an accessible, creative place for kids to play.

TB: Which celebrity was your all-time favorite to watch on Dancing with the Stars?

BBC: I don’t have a favorite. There have been many that have inspired me. Kirstie Alley for being the incredible shrinking woman and keeping the laughter rolling in the ballroom. Rob Kardashian for discovering his own self confidence and sexy side. And Andy Dick, for doing the impossible, staying sober and making me fall in love with him.

TB: You look amazing after having four kids! What’s your lose-the-baby-weight secret?

BBC: There is no secret. It starts with a healthy pregnancy and a sensible eating plan, but I do swear by belly binding. I created Tauts, a post-pregnancy belly wrap, during my third pregnancy. It’s an age old secret and it works. I wrapped my belly for 40 days and nights, and snapped right back into shape quickly.

TB: What weight loss advice would you give to new moms?

BBC: Take it day by day, set reasonable goals, commit to a health and fitness routine, carve out time for exercise everyday — because you deserve it! That’s the best medicine I know. I developed a series of Fitness DVD’s with Sony for even the busiest of moms, who can’t step out of the house. We can actually workout together in the privacy of your own home. Be stronger than your excuses!
TB: Your kids have such beautiful names. Was it important to you to come up with unique baby names? Why?

BBC: Of course they all have special meaning. My son, Shaya, left the hospital with “Baby Boy” on his certificate because we couldn’t commit to the perfect name — it took us three weeks to name him!

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