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DIY Halloween Costume: Charlie Chaplin

Last year  Lori, head of Creative Services at The Bump, dressed one of her sons as comedy icon, Charlie Chaplin.  Learn how to turn your little man into a classy and comical act.

What You Need:

  • Kid’s size bowler hat
  • Kid’s size black jacket and pants
  • White button-down shirt
  • Black shoes
  • Faux daisy
  • Bamboo walking cane
  • Soft eyeliner pencil in black

How to Make It:

  • Cut off the stem of the daisy and sew or glue it onto the lapel of the suit jacket.
  • Bring the bamboo cane to a hardware store and have it cut to the appropriate height (or, if you have the tools at home, cut it yourself!)
  • Dress up your son in the shirt, suit and hat.
  • Draw a narrow mustache right under his nose with the black eyeliner.

Add Something Extra:

  • Encourage your little man to waddle walk!

What’s your child going to be for Halloween this year?

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