DIY Halloween Costume: Baby Don Draper

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Updated March 2, 2017
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Last year Lori, head of Creative Services here at The Bump, dressed her son as Mad Men’s Don Draper. This pop-culture costume isn’t only cute, but it’s easy to make too! Learn how to turn your son into a mini advertising exec. You know, without the drinking and womanizing.

What You Need:

  • Kid’s size white button down shirt
  • Kid’s suit pants (no jacket necessary)
  • Black shoes
  • Tie (clip-on optional)
  • Hair gel and comb
  • Barbie dolls
  • Plastic bottle of iced tea
  • Black gaffers tape
  • Canadian Club whiskey label replica

How to Make It:

  • Dress your child in the suit pants and shirt, leaving the top buttons of the shirt open.
  • Clip the tie to one side of the open lapel to make it look disheveled. (If it’s not a clip-on tie, let it tie hang around baby’s neck untied.
  • Slick baby’s hair into a side part using hair gel and a comb. The slicker, the better!
  • For the faux-whiskey bottle, tape the Canadian Club whiskey label to the plastic bottle of iced tea. Cover the cap of the bottle and about an inch below with the black gaffers tape. This will not only prevent it from opening, but it will make it look like a sealed liquor bottle!
  • Have baby “Don” carry the Barbies with him in hand or in stroller.

Add Something Extra:

  • Make your own Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce business cards.

Which TV character would you dress your child as?

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