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Moms Love These Brands. Here’s Why Their Kids Will Too

Searching for companies you can trust? Look no further than your own faves when buying for baby.

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It’s no secret moms do most of the shopping for their households—that’s why so many brands compete to capture their attention (and wallets). Topping a mom’s list of priorities? Items that are safe, durable and affordable. When buying for baby, these qualities become doubly important. Which is why it’s so great when a trusted brand with a proven track record makes products with the tiniest (and arguably the most precious) consumers in mind. Below, seven companies that are making life for mom and baby safer, healthier and—bonus!—cuter to boot.


Why You Love It: Their feminine-hygiene products welcomed us to womanhood and gave us the confidence to play hard—periods be damned.

Why Baby Will Too: The brand’s line of bottles and nipples make feeding time easy for babies, whether they’re switching between breast and bottle or solely bottle-fed. And the Playtex Diaper Genie not only corrals soiled diapers and keeps odors at bay, but optional fabric covers with fun patterns now let you coordinate with baby’s nursery theme.


Why You Love It: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eating a bowl of Cheerios is a nutritious, filling way to start it. The company behind the 70-plus-year-old cereal not only cares about its customers (Cheerios offers a gluten-free variety and the original version contains a cholesterol-lowering molecule), but they’re stewards of our earth too: As part of their recent #BringBackTheBees campaign, General Mills gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to help replenish the dwindling honeybee population in the US.

Why Baby Will Too: Cheerios are tasty and healthy, two qualities every parent looks for in a first finger food. They’re also the perfect size for little fingers to pick up and can help babies practice their pincer grasp.


Why You Love It: Their moisturizers, cleansers, and acne- and eczema-specific products are the dermatologist-recommended gold standard for dry or sensitive skin. The classic cleanser has been around for generations, and for good reason: It’s gentle yet strong enough to get skin super-clean. Plus, the moisturizers hydrate without feeling greasy, and the extra-gentle cleansing and moisturizing line for redness-prone skin soothes the irritation that often comes with sensitive skin.

Why Baby Will Too: Many products in Cetaphil’s specially formulated baby line contain organic calendula, which helps soothe sensitive, irritated skin. Plus, the products are hypoallergenic and free of parabens and mineral oil, so you can feel confident you’re using safe ingredients on baby’s delicate skin and hair.


Why You Love It: The classic slip-ons are comfy and stylish (what mom doesn’t love that?), and their espadrilles and platform sandals are de rigueur for date nights. Plus every time you purchase their shoes, Toms will donate a pair in kind to someone in need.

Why Baby Will Too: Not only are their crib shoes absolutely adorable—they’re also made from vegan materials and have softly padded soles. But Toms aren’t just for cruisers and crawlers: Their Tiny Classics line, which features a built-in sock liner to prevent bacteria growth and a rubber sole, are perfect for everyday use once baby starts walking.


Why You Love It: Their dental-care products have been keeping your pearly whites in peak condition since you first learned to brush. And the 3D Whitestrips help combat discolored enamel that your coffee (and red wine) habit can cause.

Why Baby Will Too: Teething isn’t fun at all, but brushing those new chompers is certainly important. Sparkly toothpaste and toothbrushes from the Crest Pro-Health Jr. line, featuring favorite characters like Anna, Elsa and Mickey Mouse, can make the new routine more appealing. (There’s even a Disney-themed timer app from sister brand Oral-B to encourage kids to brush longer.) Bonus: The anti-cavity toothpaste contains fluoride, an effective start to a lifetime of good dental hygiene—just check with your dentist for kids under 2.


Why You Love It: The scent alone screams summer, and Coppertone has a variety of effective sunscreen options fit for relaxing by the pool or simply running errands around town.

Why Baby Will Too: Their Water Babies Pure & Simple Whipped formula spreads easily and absorbs quickly, two key factors when applying sunscreen to squirming babies—and it’s fragrance- and paraben-free. (Just be sure to wait until she’s at least six months old before using any sunscreen, and always add extra protection with a hat.)


Why You Love It: It’s long been our go-to for tees, tanks and denim essentials, as well as flirty dresses and activewear made for women in a range of sizes (hello, petites and talls!). Plus, the sales are ah-mazing.

Why Baby Will Too: Their baby basics (think onesies, footed sleepwear, and hats and blankets) are made from breathable cotton that holds up to frequent washings. And their miniature versions of adult styles make for limitless mommy/baby matching photo ops.

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