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Cassie Kreitner
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From First Cry to First Steps: Baby’s Milestones Through the First Year

Here’s what to look forward to in year one.

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From the moment you started tracking your pregnancy week by week, you’ve had an eye on baby’s development. But as exciting as it is to see new body parts and details appear on each ultrasound, know that it’s equally—if not more—rewarding to see baby grow both physically and cognitively over the first year. Get excited for what’s to come with this fun and informative guide to baby’s development, then bookmark it so you can check back each time he or she is advancing to a new stage. Remember, while you’ll be eager for these milestones to happen (get your camera ready!), don’t worry if your child is a bit ahead or behind. Every baby progresses at his or her own pace, and your pediatrician will keep an eye on your little one’s development at each checkup.