Foodie Mama: Cumin Lime Roasted Carrots (VIDEO)

ByLeah Rocketto
February 28, 2017
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Meet our Foodie Mama, Stacie! The daughter of a restaurateur, this Brooklyn mom of two puts her food knowledge to use as a blogger for One Healthy Mama. When she’s not whipping up new recipes, she’s dishing out advice through her writing and workshops. Her best advice — keep it simple.

“Kids can sense your anxiety & feed off of your energy,” she says of picky eaters. “Try not to stress as much as you want to.”

Check out her videos each week where she’ll show you how to transform a grown up dish into something baby can (and will) enjoy. This week, Stacie demonstrates how to make cumin lime roasted carrots that will appeal to both palates.

[brightcove vid=1834700439001&exp3=971352577001&surl=,AAAA4FQHn2E~,zEDZi__C5PhWqIDD137q7gnsHwgc4A7D&lbu=]

What veggies does your baby eat?

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