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Q&A: Fun Books to Read to Baby?

I read to my baby as much as I can, but I'm getting a little bored with our book selection. Any recommendations for something a little different?

OK, let’s be honest… how many of you are sick of reading “Goodnight Moon” for the 800th time? We all know how important it is to read to our babies, but If you are like me and your child is still too young to understand,why not get some baby  books that will give mom a giggle for a change? Here are some of my favorites:

"Baby Mix Me a Drink" _ by Lisa Brown
_In this simple board book, baby mixes cocktails for mommy, daddy, grandma,and a few others. The drawings are cute and very colorful! Other books in this series are called, “Baby Make Me Breakfast” and “Baby Do My Banking.” Hilarious!

"Urban Babies Wear Black" _ by Michelle Sinclair Colman
_Any mom who has lived in a big city will adore this book in which a social,urban baby goes to the museum, out for latte and to yoga class. The whimsical illustrations are fantastic!

"First Book of Sushi" _ by Amy Wilson Sanger
_This book is great way to introduce your baby to Japanese cuisine and the funny-sounding words that come along with it, like wasabi, tekka, maki and tofu. The illustrations do a great job of showing the texture ofthe food, while still looking fun and child-like.

These also make great novelty gifts for newly-pregnant friends. What are some of your favorite non-traditional baby books?

—Lori Richmond

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