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7 Smart Baby Feeding Hacks You’ll Love

Bottle-feeding baby? You’ll save time and energy with these tips.

As most new parents quickly find out, feeding baby isn’t always as easy as open mouth and insert nipple. There are bottles to warm and wash, breast milk to store or formula to mix—not to mention a hungry, crying baby that can’t be fed soon enough! But these hacks and shortcuts—and innovative products Nanobébé you can add to your registry—will help make feedings quicker and easier. That way, you can forget the stress and focus on this important bonding time with baby.

1. Safeguard your supply

Photo: Nanobébé breast milk storage bags

If you’re breastfeeding, you can obviously feed baby straight from the tap. But if it’s time to return to work or if you want some flexibility with feeding, pumping is a reality for most new moms (and a good way to share night-shift duties with your partner). And you’ll want to make sure all of those hard-earned ounces get put to good use: Nanobébé’s flat storage bag design keeps breast milk in a thin layer, allowing it to freeze quickly and evenly, which helps protect it from bacterial growth. Plus, the bags thaw two to three times faster than standard storage bags to help preserve your milk’s nutrients.

It’s also smart to pick up a couple of affordable breast-pump adapters. This way, you can pump directly into bottles before you go to sleep, safely store them until you need them, and warm them up when it’s time for a feeding–all without having extra containers to wash.

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2. Stay organized

Photo: Nanobébé 25 breast milk storage bags and organizer

A big part of mom life is multitasking while rushing around, and being disorganized will slow you down. We’re not asking you to go all Marie Kondo on your freezer, but creating a simple, effective organization system for your pumped milk will help you find what you need quickly. You always want to use the oldest supply of breast milk first, so label each bag with the date as well as the amount of milk. Nanobébé’s space-saving breast milk organizer makes it easy to maintain that first in, first out policy.

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3. Prevent nipple confusion

Photo: Nanobébé breast milk bottle

Nipple confusion is common for newborn babies who aren’t exclusively breastfed. Nanobébé’s breastfeeding bottles are designed to offer smooth transitions between breast and bottle, with a unique patented design that allows breast milk to be spread in a thin layer so it can cool and warm quickly and evenly (two to three times faster than other brands). This feature also preserves those precious nutrients in breast milk that are often lost during the storing and warming process. Win-win!

As an added bonus, the bottle’s dome shape and concave base make it easy for baby to hold. And if you ask any experienced parent, they’ll probably tell you that the day their baby starting holding their own bottle was a total game-changer. (What a relief to finally have a hand free for at least a few minutes!)

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4. Set up a feeding station

Photo: Nanobébé smart warming bowl

Take bottle-prepping a step further by setting up a refrigeration and bottle-warming station in your bedroom, living room or wherever else you tend to feed baby. A bowl of warm water or portable bottle warmer can safely and evenly heat a bottle or thaw a bag of breast milk without needing to be plugged in—so you can get baby fed and back to bed in no time.

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5. Sterilize in the microwave

Photo: Nanobébé microwave steam sterilizer

Who wants to boil a giant pot of water or empty the entire dishwasher to run a new load? Instead, just pop bottles and pump parts into the Nanobébé microwave steam sterilizer, add water, and throw it in the microwave to zap 99 percent of bacteria. (Thoughtfully-designed details like adjustable and removable pegs, and rubber handles that stay cool, make this one a standout pick.)

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6. Utilize space efficiently

Photo: Nanobébé slim drying rack

If you’re handwashing your supplies, you don’t want just-washed, still-wet parts taking over your countertop. The Nanobébé slim drying rack is extra-convenient, with its open design and adjustable and removable pegs for fast drying, along with a detachable drip tray. Plus, it easily stores flat when not in use.

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7. Be prepared on the go

Photo: Nanobébé cooler bag and travel pack

Getting out the door with baby requires a lot of gear. Streamline the necessities you’ll need to pack with Nanobébé’s smartly-designed travel cooler. You can stack up to three bottles (and extra supplies) in the triple-layer insulated bag that’ll keep breast milk cool or warm for hours at a time.

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Bottom line: It’s the small (but impactful) things that can make feeding baby a little bit easier. With just a few tweaks to your routine and the right products, every feeding becomes a less stressful, more joyful experience—for the both of you. (Pro tip: You can get many of these problem-solving products in Nanobébé’s newborn gift set or starter set.)

Photo: Nanobébé newborn gift set

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