Happy Home-a-ween: How to Celebrate Halloween At Home

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Updated March 2, 2017
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Due to Hurricane Sandy, several states along the East Coast have rescheduled Halloween. While this will keep your kids safe, it could also make them a bit upset (no kid wants to miss out on free candy). But just because they can’t go out doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate! Throw on those costumes , call up the neighbors and follow these tips for throwing a happy home-a-ween.

Create Some Festive Art Crafts are a great form of entertainment, and a great way to decorate the house (especially if you had to take the exterior ones down). Using items that you have at home, you and your kids can finger paint Halloween figures or (if they’re old enough) create construction paper Jack O’ Lanterns. If you’re able to drive to a local store, pick up the supplies to make these amazing mummy cards.

Trick-or-Treat Indoors What’s Halloween without trick-or-treating?! Designate each grown-up to a room in the house, and have the kids go room-to-room to collect their treats.  This way the kids can safely get their candy and you can snap some pictures of them in their costumes (and send them to The Bump!).

Dance to Spooky Music If you still have power (and we hope you do), then turn on some tunes! Using music resources like Pandora or Spotify, create a playlist of spooktacular songs. Include classics like “Monster Mash”, “Werewolves of London” and “Thriller,” but get a little creative and add songs from your favorite Halloween movies, like The Addam’s Family, Ghostbusters and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Play Some Halloween Games Some added activities will help kids down from their sugar high. A simple and super fun one is Mummy Wrap. Divide the kids into pairs and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Instruct one member of each team to wrap his partner like a mummy (avoiding the head and wrapping arms separately).  Once wrapped, the mummy must hop to the finish line. Award the winning team and then reverse the partners.

Share Some Scary(ish) Stories When your child begs for their bedtime story, try telling a spooky one. Make up a tale about a witch who wants to be nice or a ghost who can’t seem to scare anyone. Not that creative? Sites like Scary For Kids have a lot of age-appropriate tales. Just make sure to skip over the ones with blood or gore.

How will you celebrate Halloween from home?

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