Q&A: How Much Extra Weight Gained From Quitting Smoking While Pregnant?

How much extra weight will I gain if I quit smoking while pregnant?
ByKerry Dougherty
February 28, 2017
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It’s impossible to say really. While it’s pretty common togain at least a little weight after quitting smoking in general, it doesn’thappen to everyone. Most women will gain about five pounds, since they nolonger have nicotine in their system to suppress their appetite or boost theirmetabolism. But now that you’re gaining weight for baby, there’s no way to knowfor sure how much of that is caused by the fact that you’re no longer smokingand how much of it you would have naturally gained anyway.

But besides all the obvious health benefits to kicking the habit, there’s one more upshot you can look forward to: Food will taste betterthan ever now. If you’re worried about packing on the pounds, though,just make sure to keep active, eat right, and not overdo it when it comes tosnacking or mealtime. You’ll not only keep your weight in check, but also helpcurb bloating, heartburn, or indigestion, which is always a plus. 

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