Q&A: How Often Will Baby Go to the Pediatrician?

How often will my baby see the doctor in the first year? What will happen at the checkups, and what questions should I ask?
ByVicki Papadeas, MD
Mar 2017
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Every pediatrician has a slightly difference schedule for well child visits, of course. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a minimum standard of being seen at birth, two to four days after birth, and then at two, four, six, nine and twelve months, though many doctors do see the babies a bit more frequently.

The purpose of well child visits is to monitor your baby’s growth and development, and for you to get any questions answered. Some people think immunizations are the whole reason for well child visits, and this is a part of it, the shots are definitely not the only reason you go. Your doctor is there to help you monitor growth, health, nutrition, safety and development. Don’t be shy about bringing a list of questions! You know your own baby best, so it’s important that you feel comfortable bringing up concerns. If your doctor doesn’t want a list of questions… change doctors!

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