How to Tell Twin Babies Apart?

What happens if I can't tell my twins apart?
ByExcerpted from The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition
January 30, 2017
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Even though they’re twins, your babies will likely have very different personalities, and you’ll soon get to know which one is “the quiet one” and which is “the bossy one,” or some combination of both. But in the early days, especially with identical twins, you may worry that the baby you’ve been calling Jake for the past few days was really the one you named Josh at birth. To minimize confusion, take a close look at both babies, because even identicals can have unique features, such as birthmarks or moles. Some parents will paint a toenail for each twin, either using different colors or painting just one. You can also try putting an anklet or different bracelets on one or both babies. When they get older they’ll probably try and trick you, but don’t worry — you’ll know who’s who.

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