Jessica Alba Gets Honest

We bet you didn’t know these 5 things about Jessica Alba.
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March 2, 2017
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When a popular baby detergent gave her a rash, Jessica Alba didn’t ignore it. She got passionate about it — and started The Honest Company, a line of nontoxic, eco-friendly products. Now, the actress-turned-businesswoman has added a new credit to her résumé: author. Her book, The Honest Life, is packed full of Jessica’s healthy and green secrets, from fashion and beauty to cleaning and planning baby’s nursery. She’s also got these surprises up her sleeve.

*_She sometimes struggles at things (yes, really!)
*_Doesn’t it seem like everything would come easily to Jessica? Not so! “Writing a book for the first time was challenging—and it wasn’t just because I was trying to juggle everything I’m doing,” she says. “Because the book includes all the natural-living tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years, I found it difficult to hone in on the most relevant content.” Her savior? Her husband, Cash. He took over baby duty on those mornings she needed to sleep in after late nights spent writing.

*_She admits she’s not perfect — and no one else is either
*_We asked Jessica for her best parenting advice. And no, it’s not to be organic-food-obsessed or to own all the right products. It’s to give yourself a break. “We all want to do the best we can for our families, but we can’t be superheroes all the time while balancing everything we need to,” she says.

*_She has good advice for momtrepreneurs
*_There are many women interested in starting their own business, and Jessica is passionate about offering advice to them. “Surround yourself with experts in your field and learn from them,” she says. “Ask plenty of questions!”

Starting your own business takes self-awareness. “Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, and build a team that complements your skill set,” she says. “Stick to your guns. If someone can persuade you to depart from your idea, it’s a sign the business might not be the right fit for you.”

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*_She’s realistic about going green
*_Afraid Jessica’s book is only applicable to rich celebs? Anyone can use her advice. “Natural living isn’t about a huge lifestyle overhaul,” she says. “It’s about doing what you can and focusing on small, attainable steps that make the most sense for you and your family.” For example, buy vintage items instead of new ones.

*_She practices what she preaches
*_Jessica says she and Cash don’t just recycle and drink filtered tap water; they also make playtime into lessons about sustainability. “With my daughter, Honor, I love to do arts and crafts where we really focus on upcycling items and giving them new life.”

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