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Here’s What Kids’ Imaginations Look Like In Photos

Rhiannon Logsdon isn’t your average child portrait photographer. She doesn’t just take pictures of the kids; she helps bring their imaginations to life.

A mom of four herself, Logsdon knows a thing or two about getting inside the head of a child. She starts shoots by asking about what they like and instructing them to act out their daydreams and pretend adventures. And some Photoshop magic does the rest.

“I usually don’t have to ask many questions,” she says. “Once I meet them, they love to tell me all about the things they love. I start with, ‘I heard you like…’ or ‘Let’s pretend…’ Once they get going they will share their interests most of the session. It’s really fun, like being a kid again!”

She adds that the kids love posing for pictures. So if you’ve been hoping to take the perfect family portrait, the promise of a dinosaur ride as the end result might get them to finally sit still.








Photo: Rhiannon Logsdon
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