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Maternity Clothes Starter Guide: the Must-Haves

The rundown on all the necessities you didn’t even know you’d need.

Everyday BellaBand

Chances are, you’ve already heard about the BellaBand. But if not, you can thank us later. Ask most mamas, and they’ll tell you it’s basically the best thing ever to be invented for anyone with a baby on board. Can’t button your pants anymore? Bought maternity pants one-size too big? Wear the BellaBand on your hips and under your shirt and — voila — nobody will notice. It also acts as a tummy smoother and does wonders for new mamas trying to disguise a little postbaby pooch.

> $26, Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel



Yes, we’re telling you to buy suspenders. Yes, you may officially feel like your grandfather while wearing a pair. But do you really want to risk the alternative — being 8 months pregnant with your pants down around your ankles? Okay, we exaggerate. But BELLY UPS will definitely keep you from having to hike your pants up over your belly every five seconds. Plus, no one will notice when they’re hidden away under your shirt. One tip: Use these with bras you haven’t spent a ton of cash on. If you wear them a lot, they’ll start to really pull down the sides of your bra.

> $13, Amazon.com


Secret Fit Belly Maternity Jeans

Sure, you could drop $100 to $200 on an amazing pair of designer maternity jeans, but is it really worth it? Bumpies agree, the Secret Fit is an essential buy for any mama-to-be looking for a comfy, flattering, and seriously affordable jean she won’t have buyer’s remorse over. (Yes, apparently it does exist.)

> $30, Motherhood Maternity


Power Mama SPANX

Hey, it’s no secret that along with the many joys of pregnancy come a few extra rolls here and there. But here to save the day (yet again) are the geniuses behind SPANX. The Power Mama smoothes out any bulges and flatters your new bod under any outfit. Great to have stashed in your drawer for those date nights with your SO.

> $32, SPANX


Belly Belt Combo Kit

Transitioning into maternity pants can be a pain in the butt when you’re in that in-between stage — especially when you don’t want to throw down too much cash on a new wardrobe. That’s why the Belly Belt can be a total lifesaver if you can still fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans everywhere_ but _your bump. The elastic fastener eliminates the need to button your pants and stretches as your belly grows.

> $20, Target


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