Mean Mom Confessions

Mean Mom Confessions

It’s time to get real: Moms can be pretty catty at times. When moms judge, they show no mercy. Here’s the lowdown on what mean moms really think. Are you guilty of these thoughts?
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March 2, 2017
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“When my husband sleeps past noon on the weekend and I’m running around the house doing chores, I make a lot of noise and let the kids be noisy too.” — Fuzz*

“My daughter hates getting her nails clipped, and she runs away from me if I’m holding a nail clipper. So when she’s hanging all over me and jumping on me, I try to get a few minutes of ‘me’ time by holding on to the clippers so she stays away.” — CC

“I totally judge when moms use their kids as an excuse for looking like a slob. Really? I have two and another one coming. I can still find 5 seconds to dig out clean leggings, put on mascara and look semi-presentable.” — mem

“For people who comment about my post-baby weight, I’m dying to tell them, ‘Get your own butt to the gym and stop worrying about mine.” — nola

“My friend’s wife says that having a dirty house and laundry everywhere means you are being a good mom. She’s a stay-at-home mom, and her house is so dirty I refuse to go there. Get it together!” — kris

“My husband and I saw a mom sharing a Red Bull with her toddler — I wanted to punch her.” — Grey

“I judge everyone who posts ridiculous amounts of photos of their kids on Facebook. No one cares about your life drama; you’re not important enough for me to care what you’re doing every second of the day; and your kids are cute, but stop blowing up my newsfeed because you want to show them off.” — hl8

“Honestly, I’d rather be a mean mom to another mom than mean to my child.” — preg_a

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“I won’t lend my sister-in-law any of our big baby gear, like our stroller, because I’m afraid they’ll get damaged. She doesn’t take very good care of things.” — CityGirl

“When my kids want to play hide-and-seek and I’m too tired (most of the time), I offer to be the first to count, and I lie down on the couch and count very slowly, so I can have some rest time.”— Shannon G.

*Names have been changed

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