The Most Embarrassing TTC Moments

Getting pregnant is a crazy journey — along with the good and bad moments, there are the downright embarrassing ones.
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Updated February 26, 2017
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“I once snagged my partner’s foreskin on my engagement ring when I was trying to, um, insert him. He screamed bloody murder. Also, our cat came in once and batted his balls. (Anything that swings fascinates the cat!) Now we make sure the cat is locked out of the room during sexy time.” — AA*

“My husband and I had so much sex during one cycle and in such odd ways that he bruised his penis. His doctor said we had to stop for a few days.” — MrsC

“One night after we had sex, I raised my legs to help the little guys swim faster. I was trying to do a shoulder headstand yoga pose. In my efforts to do the best headstand, my legs went all the way back and hit a big and extremely heavy frame hung on the wall behind our bed! The frame fell right on me. Thankfully, I didn’t get that hurt because I jumped off the bed right away.” — pat

“A few days ago, we were having sex and our dog put the entire top half of his body on the bed, his arms right next to us, and just stared at us, no blinks or anything. He stayed there for a few minutes. He was inches from my face, just looking like, ‘I’ve never seen this before; I’m intrigued,’ and no matter what we said, he would not get down.” —_ tct_

“I was trying to encourage my husband to use some dirty talk during foreplay, so I said, ‘Do you know why I’m taking my panties off?’ His response: ‘Because they’re dirty?’ Not really the kind of dirty talk I was hoping for…” — MsN

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"My sister’s boyfriend walked in on us while I was trying the whole ‘lying upside down after sex’ thing.” — belljar73

“I used to pee into one of my daughter’s old cups when I was taking pregnancy tests. One morning when I was half asleep, I left the cup of pee on the bathroom counter. My daughter went into the bathroom and almost drank it thinking it was for her.” —_ ladybug_545_

“My mother-in-law decided to come over because we weren’t answering our phones. She used her key and walked in on my husband and me having sex!” — beachy_wave66

“I took a pregnancy test in a mall restroom. Before I washed my hands, I thought I’d put the positive test in my purse, but I’d actually accidentally put it in someone else’s purse. She pulled it out of her bag and said, “I hope this is yours.” — filmbuff87

“I was trying to discreetly buy a pregnancy test in the supermarket, and I was so nervous I dropped it in line and the guy in front of me had to pick it up. Then it wouldn’t ring up. The worst part: When I got home, it turns out the test was faulty, so I had to go out and buy another! So much for being secretive!” —_ hawaiianhibiscus_

“I’m not TTC, but my sister is, so I bought her a test to help her out. I was already eight months pregnant and I didn’t want to walk around the store looking for the test, so I asked some employees for help. One guy told me where they were and asked me if I hoped it came out positive. I just stared at him and then looked down at my baby belly!” — gts_33

“When we were trying at our old house, we could hear our neighbors going at it all night long, so it put us in an off mood every time! As soon as we moved, I got pregnant.” — texasmamalou

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