holiday survival guide for new parents
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Cassie Kreitner
Senior Editor

The Holiday Survival Guide for New Parents

How to shop, decorate, party and travel—without losing your mind.

If we can get real here (and we’re going to), the holidays always come with highs and lows. Add baby to the picture and those highs and lows just get a little more intense. From shopping for gifts to visiting loved ones, everything takes a bit more time, patience—and yep, an extra suitcase or two. Sure, adjusting your mindset and lowering your expectations can help. But some situations require a real strategy to help you get through them, like the minute you realize: “Wait, I have to travel with a tiny, screaming human on my lap?” When it comes to those scenarios, we’ve got you covered. Click or tap below for smart tips to help you navigate the holiday season with your sanity intact.

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