8 Life Hacks to Make Every Day With Baby a Little Easier

These simple tips are serious game changers.
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February 11, 2022
Dad folding laundry with baby in baby carrier
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Let’s be real: Life as a first-time parent can be a bit nerve-racking. From the moment baby arrives, you’ve got a lot on your mind: Will they sleep tonight? When was the last time they ate? Will you ever get to shower? To help lighten the mental load, we’re sharing our favorite hacks and products that make life that much easier as you navigate baby’s first year. Hopefully these simple tips and tricks will help you stress a little less, so you can enjoy life with baby a little more.

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1. Make white noise part of your sleep routine.

After nine months in the womb, baby is pretty used to a noisy sleeping environment. To help lull them off to dreamland (and block out any household sounds), try a white noise machine. The soft, constant hum has a calming effect, and when used consistently can act as a strong sleep cue. It also comes in handy during the dreaded witching hour when it seems like nothing will soothe your fussy little one. Save your lips the trouble of constantly “shh-shh-shh-ing” and turn this on instead.

2. Sterilize and dry bottles and pump parts in one easy step.

If you’re worried about germs (who isn’t these days?) or planning on pumping frequently, a sterilizer dryer can offer peace of mind as well as save you the trouble of constantly boiling bottles or pump parts, then drying on a non-sterile drying rack. The Baby Brezza One Step Sterilizer Dryer Advanced is your one stop (actually one-button push) sterilizing and drying machine – it kills 99.9 percent of germs, while also going a step further by drying everything for you. It holds eight bottles and two sets of pump parts, with removable extra shelves for bottle nipples, pacifiers and other accessories. After running a cycle, everything inside stays sterile for 24 hours, giving you the flexibility to start each day with a fresh set of clean feeding supplies.

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3. Create a diaper changing basket.

You never know when (or where) a blowout might strike, so it’s smart to stock a basket or bin with all the necessary changing supplies—diapers, wipes, diaper cream and a changing mat—in the room of your home where you spend the most time. That way you can do an on-the-spot change, without having to trek back to the nursery. One extra tip: stash a changing kit in the trunk of your car as well, along with a spare set of clothes for both you and baby.

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4. Get a wipeable changing pad.

Yes, fabric-changing pad covers come in all sorts of adorable prints, but hear us out—something wipeable and water-resistant is much more practical. No new parent needs to waste time getting stains out (and, trust us, stains will happen). Look for a solid-surface foam pad or even a traditional changing cover that comes in a wipeable material…your washing machine will thank you.

5. Eliminate the fuss of mixing bottles by hand.

If you’re formula feeding, measuring and mixing up a bottle multiple times day and night can really do a number on your already maxed-out, sleep-deprived brain. Enter: the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser. This innovative gadget makes the process basically foolproof. With the push of a button, it precisely measures, mixes and warms a bottle of formula in whatever size you choose. Plus, it works with virtually all formula brands and all bottle types. Late-night tip: Keep this game changer in your bedroom so you don’t even have to schlep to the kitchen for feedings—at this stage, every extra second of sleep matters!

6. Stack baby’s sheets.

Middle of the night diaper leaks, blowouts and spit up are bound to happen, so if searching for a clean set of sheets at 2 a.m. doesn’t sound appealing, try this simple but genius tip. Layer an extra mattress protector and fitted sheet underneath the first set. Now you can just strip off the top set, drop it in the wash and send baby back to bed ASAP.

7. Make homemade baby food with the push of a button.

Once baby is ready to try solid foods, you might be interested in making your own purees, but worry it takes too much effort. Well, think again. The Baby Brezza One Step Homemade Baby Food Maker Deluxe makes cooking your own baby food almost as easy as buying a pouch or jar at the store. It automatically steams and blends baby food in one single step, churning out 3.5 cups of delicious and healthy puree in as little as 10 minutes. It even comes with three reusable pouches and funnels for easy filling. Bonus: the bowl and blade are dishwasher safe, and you’ll save a ton of money over store-bought baby food.

8. Give babywearing a go.

Babies just want to be held…sometimes for what feels like all day long. But don’t forget, that handy baby carrier or wrap you might have on your registry is good for more than just family outings. Why not give your aching arms a rest and wear baby around the house as well? It’s a great way to check some necessary household tasks off your list (hello, mountain of newborn’s laundry) while baby is actually awake, so you can use their naptime for things that really matter—like taking a nap yourself.

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