7 Smart Nursery Organizing Ideas That Are Actually Doable

Wondering how you’ll streamline all that gear? We got you.
ByKelsey Paine
Jul 2020
baby nursery decorated with pastels
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When it comes to arranging baby’s nursery, you’ll discover one thing pretty quickly: Your new family member sure does require a lot of stuff. But whether you consider yourself an organizing pro or more of a rookie, figuring out how to store all of baby’s (tiny, easy-to-lose) gear is a whole new ball game. So if you’re looking for smart solutions that’ll help you set the nursery up for success—ones you can actually pull off without a power drill—read on. We rounded up a few of our favorite organizing ideas, including some easy to hang (and remove) Command™ Brand products that you can rearrange as baby grows.

1. Corral Toys in Hanging Baskets

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When it seems like baby’s toys are magically multiplying overnight, vertical storage is key. Our advice? Hang flat-handle baskets on the wall using large clear hooks for a floating effect. Bonus: When you’re ready to move things around, all Command products come away cleanly from the wall, without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Shop: Command™ Clear Large Hook, $3, Target.com

2. Use a Picture Ledge to Stash Your Device

Photo: Courtesy LAX Gadgets, Boppy, Evenflo, Pottery Barn Kids

When your hands are full with baby (aka pretty much all the time), the last thing you want to be doing is searching for a spot to charge your phone or tablet. Here’s a solution you probably haven’t thought of: Set up a convenient charging station on a picture ledge near your rocker and wall outlet. Now you can juice up your devices during feedings, then read or stream your favorite shows or movies as baby drifts off to dreamland.

Shop: Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge, $16, Amazon.com

3. Keep Diaper Changing Must-Haves Handy

Photo: Courtesy South Shore Furniture, Burt’s Bees Baby, Pampers

Baby’s diaper-changing routine requires almost as many products as your skin care one. Gather all those creams, lotions and wipes in one spot with this caddy. Mount a couple on the side of your changing table, inside a cabinet door, or on the wall nearby to keep all your diaper swapping must-haves within reach. (Pro tip: Once baby’s potty-trained, take the caddies down damage-free and reuse them to organize your own toiletries!)

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Shop: Command™ Clear Large Caddy, $8, Target.com

4. Display Baby’s Cutest Clothes

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While all of baby’s new clothes are adorable, you can’t help but pick a few favorites. Keep them on display both for easy access and to add a cute, fashionable moment to the nursery. This easy-to-stick clothes hanger can hold three plastic hangers or seven metal ones. Mount a few on the side of baby’s wardrobe, or even straight onto the wall since they’re safe to use on a variety of surfaces—from paint to wood.

Shop: Command™ Clothes Hanger, $7, Amazon.com

5. Keep the Floor Cord-Free

Photo: Courtesy Fridababy, The Peanutshell, Furinno, studio23/Shutterstock

As baby grows, so does their curiosity. To keep your crawling little one safe (and your nursery neat) use these clear clips to secure any cords off the floor. Try attaching them to the back of a dresser or bookcase so cords for lamps, humidifiers and other devices are out of sight—and out of baby’s grasp.

Shop: Command™ Clear Flat Cord Clips, $4 for set of 4, HomeDepot.com

6. Organize All Those Little Accessories

Photo: Courtesy Ryan and Rose, Bug + Bean Kids, Copper Pearl

Does it seem like baby has more accessories than you do? Use removable hooks to organize all those extras in one place, like the back of the closet door. They come in a variety of sizes for hanging bigger items like blankets and hats, as well as small ones for bibs and pacifiers. With everything in clear view, you’ll spend less time looking for that rogue rattle and more time picking out which bandana bib will complete baby’s outfit.

Shop: Command™ Large Brushed Nickel Double Hook, $8; Command™ Small Metallic Hooks, $6 for set of 4; both available at Target.com

7. Track Baby’s Stats

Photo: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids, Maisonette, Janie and Jack, VikiVector/Shutterstock

Draw cute photos, write down the time of baby’s last feeding, keep track of their height and weight…the possibilities for this dry erase board are endless. As are the amount of things you can hang on those handy hooks that’ll help you get out the door quicker (think: pacifier clips, a sweet sunhat, or your favorite lightweight carrier sling).

Shop: Command™ Dry Erase Message Center, $19, Amazon.com

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