Quiz: What Kind of Parent Will You Be?

Answer a few fun questions to get a sneak peek at your future mom or dad life.
ByHolly Pevzner
Contributing Writer
March 19, 2021
mother and father holding baby
Image: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock
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Maybe you feel totally prepared, with a nursery theme planned and a name already picked out, or maybe you’re still coming to terms with this whole becoming-a-parent thing (or a mix of both!). Either way, it can be hard to envision what life with baby will really be like before they’re born, let alone imagine what type of parent you’ll be. (Where are the Pinterest boards for this?! Gah!) But zeroing in on your natural instincts now will make navigating the newborn stage a wee bit easier—and even give you some insight into the gear that’ll best complement your approach. Take our quiz for help figuring it all out, then share with your partner to see how your answers line up!

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