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This Is What Your First Week as a Parent Will Actually Be Like

All we can say is, thank goodness for sweatpants.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Your first days at home with baby are bound to be both completely exhausting and exhilarating—often at the same time. After all, you’re not only navigating feedings and diaper changes, but your own emotional and physical changes, like adjusting to your new sleep schedule (or lack thereof) and dealing with uncomfortable postdelivery symptoms like hemorrhoids. Tucks medicated cooling pads are just one of the things you should have on hand to help your recovery. With their immediate soothing relief, you’ll be able to focus on caring for yourself and your new human addition, instead of, well, what’s going on down there. Below, a few highs and lows you may experience in that whirlwind first week postpartum.

1. Your heart will melt when those tiny fingers curl around yours.

2. You’ll learn to decode baby’s cries: Just because the wails sound the same, doesn’t mean she wants the same thing.

3. You’ll take pride in your new shower schedule—dry shampoo FTW.

4. You’ll finally be able to drink all the coffee.

5. You’ll discover going to the restroom isn’t the relief it once was.

6. You’ll quickly realize that now is not the time to master the art of the home-cooked meal.

7. You’ll find out breastfeeding is a lot harder than it looks.

8. You’ll wear the same sweats for days (and enjoy every second of it).

9. You’ll realize you’ve never loved anyone or anything quite this much.

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