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What Your First Week As A Parent Will Actually Be Like (In GIFS)

All we can say is, thank goodness for sweatpants.

1.Your heart will melt when those tiny fingers curl around yours.

2. You’ll learn to decode baby’s cries: Just because the wails sound the same, doesn’t mean she wants the same thing.

3. You’ll take pride in your new shower schedule—dry shampoo FTW.

4. You’ll finally be able to drink all the coffee.

5. You’ll discover going to the restroom isn’t the relief it once was.

6. You’ll quickly realize your answer to every offer of help—diaper changes, laundry loads and food delivery—is always the same.

7. You’ll be super-protective when guests come over and try to hold your little one.

8. You may be a little less patient with your partner.

9. But so thankful when they offer to watch baby and give you a moment to yourself.

10. You’ll look in the mirror expecting that bump to be gone—even though you know that’s not how it works.

11. You’ll wonder how other mammals make feeding look so easy.

12. You’ll wear the same sweats for days (and enjoy every second of it).

13. You’ll realize you’ve never loved anyone or anything quite this much.

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