The Postpartum Must-Haves That’ll Help You Heal After Giving Birth

Take care of yourself with this checklist of lifesavers.
ByKate Traverson
August 10, 2021
mom holding newborn baby

A drawerful of onesies? Check. Diapers in bulk? Double-check. You’re so ready for baby’s arrival, all you need is the actual newborn. But as anyone who’s given birth will tell you, there are plenty of things you’ll need to get yourself through those first few weeks as well. After all, a lot of strange things happen to your body once your short-term tenant vacates the premises—think fluids you’ve never seen before and parts that are more swollen and stretched than they used to be. So, before you hit full-term, load up on the items on this list, all designed to make you feel better while you recover and adjust to life as a new mom. Just remember, it’s all worth it when you see that first smile.

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