The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Pregnancy

Because it’s not all glowing skin and ice cream sundaes.
ByCassie Kreitner
Senior Editor
Aug 2020
pregnant women illustration

Pregnancy can feel like a roller coaster of ups and downs: One day you may love it, while the next you wish you could just fast-forward to holding your new little person. Of course, growing a baby is an amazing feeling, but dealing with morning sickness, insomnia and other uncomfortable symptoms is never easy. And that’s even more true when you’re pregnant in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. (Your mom, sister or friend can’t really say “We’ve been there” this time!) But when it comes to some of the tough situations you’ll face over the next nine months, we’ve got you covered—and so does Grubhub whenever cravings strike or you’re just too tired to cook. Click or tap below for smart tips to help you deal with what’s to come, good and bad.

No matter what stage of pregnancy or parenting you’re in, you can count on Grubhub to deliver you the most rewards from the restaurants you love.

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