These 6 Nursery DIYs Are So Easy, People Will Actually Think You’re Crafty

Wake up baby’s walls with these simple, damage-free decorations.
ByAyn-Monique Klahre
Jul 2020
nursery decor with bunting and custom canvas
Photo: Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Whether you go all-in on a theme or want a slightly more restrained look, decorating a nursery is just plain fun—a chance to channel all your inspiration into a cozy spot to welcome your little one. But it’s also fairly temporary: Before you know it, you may be swapping out the crib for a big-kid bed or moving to a larger home. To cut down on the holes in your wall when it’s time for a change, consider these quick and easy decoration ideas that have all of the style, and none of the permanence. Bonus: Each of them uses removable adhesive products from Command™ Brand (meaning no tools necessary!) to get the look.

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