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Elective C-Section?

Can't I just schedule a c-section and avoid the whole pushing-out-the-baby ordeal?

Maybe. We know some doctors who say that elective cesarean sections are just fine, or even that they save a woman’s pelvic floor from stresses that could lead to incontinence (aka peeing your pants) later in life. But we know plenty of others who think it’s a bad idea to go under the knife without necessity. A c-section, after all, is major surgery and isn’t without risks. You should also be aware that your health insurance might not cover an elective cesarean — look over your policy to be sure. If you do choose to schedule a c-section, try to cut it (no pun intended) as close as possible to 39 weeks. A recent study showed that baby is more likely to have health problems if he’s delivered by c-section before 39 weeks or after 40 weeks.

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