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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor

Six Brothers Meet Their New Sister: 'She's Cuter Than I Thought She'd Be'

It's the family dynamic parents dream of: a protective older brother watches out for his baby sister. And for newborn Ruby Jane, that protectiveness is sixfold.

Corey Lowenstein of The News & Observer shared a video (watch it here) of six big brothers meeting the newest addition to their family: a baby girl. As they candidly share their reactions to having a sister, we feel confident Ruby is in excellent hands.

Here, each of the boys' best reactions.

"Mouth? Head?"

-Knox, 2, using his new baby sister to practice anatomical identification.

"She is cuter than I thought she would be."

-Shepherd, 4, reluctantly fessing up to liking Ruby.

"When she's five or six or seven, she might get paint and just paint pink everywhere." 

-Houston, 5, projecting worst-case scenarios.

"She's as precious as a ruby. And if I lost her, I would join a police force, and I would definitely get whoever did it."

-Sawyer, 7, making us laugh and cry at the same time.

"When she gets old enough and she has a boyfriend and she brings him home, all she's gonna say is 'Meet my bothers. To have me, you're gonna have to go through them.'"

-Campbell, 10, confirming what we were all thinking.

"She's so small! I didn't even think babies could be this little."

-Jackson, 13, still awestruck after six siblings.

PHOTO: The News & Observer