9 Must-Have Smart Products for Your Registry

Innovative baby gear that practically does the thinking for you.
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October 10, 2022
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Being a parent isn’t easy now, so I don’t know how my mom did it without a smartphone at her fingertips. I wouldn’t have gotten through those first few weeks with a new baby without Google (not to mention about five food delivery apps). If you’re a new parent, your phone can help you in more ways than just ordering takeout. It can become a one-stop solution for tracking all of baby’s feedings, milestones, dirty diapers and doctor’s visits. But the smart devices below take it a step further. With gadgets that keep an eye on baby, send health info to pediatricians, keep your nursery comfortable and even rock them back to sleep, it’s the next-best thing to an extra set of hands…in your hand. Check out some of the smartest baby gear around, and get ready to click “add to registry.”

1. iBabi Smart Baby Monitor

At the top of every new parent’s registry is a good, reliable baby monitor. But the “smarter” baby monitors have gotten, the more parents worry about information security. I personally skipped out on the ones that connected to my phone because I was worried about having our baby monitor hacked. But the iBabi Smart Baby Monitor has military-grade encryption, giving you extra peace of mind. That would be cool enough, but this nursery essential also won the 2022 CES innovation award for its range of high-tech features. Parents can set virtual “safe zones,” so they’ll know if their little one is wandering out of a designated area. The monitor’s biometric scanner also provides covered-face alerts and auto-tracking.

Buy it: $200;

2. Tylenol SmartCheck Digital Ear Scope

Ear infections are super common, and it’s hard for kids to tell you what’s going on. Having SmartCheck from Children’s TYLENOL on hand can give you peace of mind knowing you can check for ear infections right from home, especially if symptoms appear in the middle of the night. This digital otoscope conveniently attaches to your phone, allowing you to capture recordings of your child’s eardrum easily by following step-by-step instructions in the app. You can then send them off to your pediatrician or a telehealth provider to better understand what to do next. SmartCheck is designed for babies 1 year old and up (or 6+ months, with your doctor’s okay). This gadget will have you feeling prepared any time your little one has ear pain or other ear infection symptoms.

Buy it: $80;

3. Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine & Night-Light

I love a baby item that never outlives its usefulness. My kids had separate night-lights, sound machines and a speaker for music in their room—but the Hatch Rest is all of that and more. Your tiny ones will love the soothing white noise feature, and older children will appreciate the choice of lullabies and variety of colors. Parents will appreciate the built-in sleep trainer, which uses colors to let toddlers know when it’s time to get up. Both colors and sounds are controlled by an app on your phone, making the Hatch Rest design as easy as it is pretty. Its sleek shape works with every nursery design, and means it’ll find a home on my nightstand long after the kids are grown.

Buy it: $70;

4. Evenflo SensorSafe Car Seat

If you need another set of eyes or additional peace of mind on the road, you’ll appreciate the Evenflo SensorSafe. Designed to prevent the most common (and scary) car incidents, Evenflo will alert you when your kiddo has been buckled in too long, isn’t secured properly or may be overheated. You’ll also get an alert reminding you to take your child out of the back seat when you turn off the car. The latest models offer the option for a load-leg base, which has been shown to significantly reduce impact to a child’s head and neck.

Buy it: $240;

5. Cradlewise Smart Crib

One of the coolest upgrades to tech-friendly baby gear has got to be the smart crib. Another CES Innovation Winner, Cradlewise responds immediately when your baby starts to wake. It brilliantly blends the science of infant sleep with movement designed to comfort and support. The crib has a built-in sensor, which gently bounces baby back to sleep when they begin to stir and alerts you (on your phone!) when they begin to cry.

Designed to be beautiful, with clean emissions, a stylish look and different height settings, it also has some cool built-ins, such as an integrated camera, the ability to customize movement and a choice between white, pink or brown noise. The Cradlewise supports your baby from birth to 24 months. The toddler years might just end up being the best rest of your life.

Buy it: From $1,399;

6. Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump

I’ll say for the record (and experts agree) that the amount of milk you pump isn’t always a good indicator of your supply. But let’s not pretend we’re not tracking it anyway. There’s something super satisfying about seeing that bottle fill up. And if you’re breastfeeding or pumping exclusively, every ounce represents precious time back to yourself if you need to step away from baby for a bit.

The Elvie is an innovative pump for a couple of reasons. Its discreet design makes it easy to wear, tucked into your bra under your shirt. But not only is it small, silent and super easy to clean—it’s smart. The Elvie links to your phone, tracking your pumping sessions and your output. Once you start it up, it will detect milk letdown, switching from stimulation to expression mode seamlessly. And since there’s no point in stealth pumping if you might spill a too-full container in your shirt anyway, it pauses on its own when the bottle is full. Your distracted, multitasking mom brain has met its match.

Buy it: $550;

7. Talli Baby Tracker

One issue with smart baby apps? You don’t always have a free hand—or the presence of mind—to track all the things that need tracking. If you might be guilty of responding to a pediatrician’s question with a blank stare (who isn’t?), the Talli Baby tracker is for you. Instead of having to track feedings, sleep and diaper changes manually, you just press a button. That pays dividends when it comes to reducing cognitive load, and it means that anyone can help you. Grandparents, babysitters and even a handy older sibling can press the button to record anything that happens in your absence. And if you’re out and about, you can use the Talli Baby app as a backup—or just take your device with you, since it’s easy to sync.

Buy it: $100;

8. Safety 1st Connected Nursery Smart Humidifier

Is it just me, or is baby gear getting better and better looking? This smart cool-mist humidifier looks like it’d be right at home in a day spa. It offers an aromatherapy tray, dimmable night-light and three different run settings. If you’re especially tech-savvy, you can integrate it with Google Home and Alexa. And all settings can be controlled manually or through the Safety 1st app.

The top concern about humidifiers, though, is always cleanliness. Traditional humidifiers are prone to developing mold and mildew, quickly turning them into health hazards. The Safety 1st features a ceramic filter that only needs to be cleaned every 250 gallons or so. And if you forget, you’ll get a handy reminder on your smartphone.

Buy it: $80,

9. SMART Baby Diaper Bag

The one downside to smart baby gear? All those apps are sure to completely drain your battery life. Stay charged and connected with a baby bag that comes with external support for a built-in power bank. It has all the bells and whistles you need for a good bag too: lots of pockets, a changing pad and a wet-dry bag for on-the-go messes. And when you finally get a moment to sit and relax? You can scroll social media, read a book or hit play on a podcast in style.

Buy it: $40,

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