The Best Way to Upgrade Baby’s Sleep (and Yours Too)

Find out how one tiny gadget can help you get better rest.
BySarah Fine
Associate Content Editor
September 21, 2021
Tuft & Needle white noise machine

We’ve all heard the advice, “Sleep when baby sleeps,” but what if baby doesn’t sleep? After birth, a newborn has a lot to get used to—sights, sounds, smells—it’s a whole new world for them. And as baby begins to adapt, a white noise machine can help soften this new, noisy environment by helping them get to sleep and stay asleep. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Allow us to introduce you to the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine from leading mattress and sleep essentials brand, Tuft & Needle, that was designed with baby in mind. Read on for seven reasons a sound machine can work to transform baby’s sleep habits.

1. It reminds baby of the womb.

Remember way back when baby was living rent-free inside mom’s belly? Well, so does baby. That’s why a white noise machine can be so helpful. The repetitive, whirring rhythm mimics the sound of mom’s heartbeat, which can help your little one self-soothe by reminding them of the natural environment in the womb. Plus, the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine is equipped with adjustable tone, volume and fade settings, including decibel calibrations that are safe for babies and fur babies alike, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics.

2. It can help calm a crier.

Most parents or parents-to-be are well aware of what’s known as the witching hour—the time of day when baby is fussy and often needs to be held or rocked to calm down. During peak crying times, it’s helpful to use a series of calming techniques (pioneered by Dr. Harvey Karp) known as the five S’s: swaddling, shushing, side or stomach position, swinging and sucking. It’s often recommended to make a shhh sound for as long and as loudly as possible to soothe baby’s tears, but the smooth, consistent hush of the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine can do the work for you. It produces real, continuous fan noise—that means no looping, no compression, just a sweet, uninterrupted soundscape to lull baby to sleep in record time.

3. It masks household noises.

Having a baby is a full-time job in itself, so naturally parents savor those few blissful moments when baby is sleeping…until the phone rings, the dog barks or a sibling screams. Enter: the white noise machine. By creating a constant ambient sound, other noises are masked, allowing baby to snooze without interruption. And with the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine, your device can be controlled remotely with the accompanying app to adjust volume and tone mechanisms wherever you are around your home. Say goodbye to sneaking into the room to fiddle with buttons and settings.

4. It can help baby fall asleep faster (and stay asleep!).

At times, getting baby to sleep can feel like an Olympic-level sport. What worked yesterday may not work today, and who knows what tomorrow will hold. But when using a white noise machine, one study showed that the majority of infants fell asleep within five minutes.

5. It makes room-sharing easier.

Having baby sleep in the same room as their parents, or room-sharing, is recommended for at least the first six months, if not a year, according to the AAP. Of course, being roommates has its perks, like being able to comfort, feed and care for your newborn within seconds. But as we all learn at one point or another, a difficult roommate situation is tricky to navigate, and sharing a room with your little one is no different. Have no fear, the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine comes equipped with dark mode for the ideal sleep environment—that means no obtrusive blinking or flashing lights when you might be trying to get a little shut-eye too!

6. It can cue baby that it’s bedtime.

Do you ever find yourself nodding off in the middle of a TV show? Or taking an impromptu nap during a movie? Well, a sound machine can have a similar effect on infants. White noise can become a cue for your baby to sleep the same way a favorite TV show or movie might be your bedtime lullaby. And best yet, it’s a sleep cue that doesn’t require you to stay in the room (unlike rocking or holding baby for hours on end)–simply program your T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine with an automatic timer or sleep schedule to teach baby when it’s time to catch some zzz’s.

7. It helps with sleep on the go.

Getting to travel with your little one can be one of the most exciting (but daunting) milestones of parenthood, even if it’s just an outing for the day. Planes, trains and automobiles are no match when you have this sound machine at the ready. Boasting a sleek, compact design, the T&N + SNOOZ White Noise Machine is a dream travel companion—lightweight and perfectly portable so you can help baby rest with ease, anywhere and everywhere.

Our Pick:

Real fan noise mutes other sounds and interruptions by producing natural sound without moving air or adjusting the temperature in baby’s environment. Preferences can also be set with the T&N White Noise app to add timers or fade or control the device remotely. Plus, it’s 98 percent more energy efficient than a standard box fan—letting you upgrade your zzz’s while remaining eco-friendly.

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Sound Notice disclaimer: Operate your White Noise Machine at the lowest volume level needed to achieve the desired effect. Ensure it is used at a volume and distance that does not mask essential sounds, such as a baby monitor. Before use, refer to Sound Volume Advisory in the user guide.

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