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5 Must-Have Outfits for Baby’s First Spring

Rain or shine, you can count on baby looking stylish in these essentials.

What’s not to love about springtime? The sun is out (most of the time) and coats are coming off, and this year it’s baby’s first. Make the most of the transitional season by celebrating all the moments, no matter how big or small, with baby clothes from Carter’s. Below, check out our favorite looks for baby’s spring outings.

First Day at the Playground

When that first warm spring day comes around, the best way to spend the afternoon is at the playground. Suit her up in an outfit that’s as comfortable as it is cute, starting with this short-sleeved romper, fun orange jelly shoes and a cute denim jacket to throw on in case it gets chilly. 1. [Flutter-sleeve romper]( 127G433_color=Color&dwvar_V 127G433_size=12M?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits), $18; 2. [denim jacket]( 127G359_color=Color&dwvar_V 127G359_size=12M#start=6&cgid=carters-marketing-indigo-collections?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits), $25.50; and 3. [jelly sandal crib shoes]( GB15936_size=1&cgid=carters-baby-baby-girl-accessories-shoes-and-slippers&dwvar_V GB15936_color=Color?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article-_-ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits), $12; all from

Start spring on a stylish note in a playful look made for a day at the park. Baby will be the coolest kid on the jungle gym in these dark blue jeans, bodysuit and buffalo check shirt. Add this patchwork baseball cap to prove he’s ready for an adventure (and protected from the sun). Pinstripe sneakers are the final touch that shows he can mix patterns like a pro. 1. [Three-piece bodysuit pant set]( 127G396_color=Color&dwvar_V 127G396_size=12M#navID=header&start=8&cgid=carters-baby-boy-little-collections?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfi), $24; 2. [baseball hat]( D17G036_color=Color&dwvar_V D17G036_size=0-3M#navID=header&start=3&cgid=carters-baby-boy-accessories?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits), $10; and 3. [pinstripe sneaker crib shoes]( GB15981_color=Color&dwvar_V GB15981_size=1#navID=header&start=1&cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-accessories-shoes-and-slippers?cm_mmc=Partners--thebump--Article--ProductEssentialOutfits&cvosrc=partnership.thebump.Article&cvo_campaign=ProductEssentialOutfits), $12; all from

First Rainy Day

Don’t let rain get in the way of a great day. Use it as an excuse to be extra cozy at home. Nothing says comfort like a pair of stretchy jeans and a logo tee, so match them with a floral cardigan that screams spring (even if the weather doesn’t) and some glittery Mary Janes to brighten the cloudy day. 1. [Three-piece little jacket set]( 127G336_size=12M&dwvar_V 127G336_color=Color), $22; and 2. [glitter Mary Jane crib shoes]( GB15916_color=Color&dwvar_V GB15916_size=1#navID=header&start=6&cgid=carters-baby-baby-girl-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all from

Any day you can lounge about in sweats is a good one—and we think baby will definitely agree. Snuggle him up in this three-piece cotton set that’s perfect for staying in or going out—there is a whole world out there after all. Add a pair of navy kicks, and you’ll both be ready to take on the rain. 1. Three-piece bodysuit pant set, $24; and 2. [slip-on sneakers]( GB15871_size=1&dwvar_V GB15871_color=Color#navID=header&start=9&cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all from

First Easter Egg Hunt

Her first Easter egg hunt calls for an outfit that’s as sweet as she is. We love this floral dress with a Peter Pan collar, a full skirt and a surprise bow at the back. Of course, no Easter ensemble is complete without a pair of espadrilles and a sunhat. 1. [Floral sateen dress]( 120G131_size=12M&cgid=carters-baby-girl-dresses&dwvar_V 120G131_color=Color#navID=header&start=24&cgid=carters-baby-girl-dresses), $20; [striped sunhat]( D17G054_size=0-9M&dwvar_V D17G054_color=Color), $10; and 3. [espadrille crib shoes]( GB17215_color=Color&dwvar_VM GB17215_size=NB), $12; all from

Brace yourself: Seeing your little man in a bow tie is sure to be aw-worthy. Complete the mini-prepster look with a pastel button-front shirt, navy twill pants and a classic pair of brown boat shoes perfectly suited for the festive occasion. Not pictured: a basketful of goodies courtesy of the Easter bunny. 1. [Pinstripe button-front shirt]( 225G854_color=Color&dwvar_V 225G854_size=12M), $11; 2. [striped bow tie]( GB16596_color=Color&dwvar_V GB16596_size=NS#q=bow%2Btie&prefn1=brand&prefv1=carters&start=3), $9; 3. [twill trousers]( 224G327_color=Color&dwvar_V 224G327_size=12M#navID=header&start=9&cgid=carters-baby-boy-bottoms),$13; 4. [boat shoes]( GB15986_color=Color&cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-accessories-shoes-and-slippers&dwvar_VM GB15986_size=NB), $12; and 5. [three-pack socks]( GB14877_size=0-3&dwvar_VM GB14877_color=Color#navID=header&start=22&cgid=carters-baby-boy-socks); $8.00; all from

First Day in the Garden

She may not be ready to help you water the plants, but she can definitely dress for the role in these denim shortalls and floral tee. Pair the set with matching Chambray sandals and hair clips for a look that’s as functional as it is fashionable. 1. [Two-piece top and shortalls set]( 127G432_color=Color&dwvar_V 127G432_size=12M), $21;2. [4-pack bow hair clips]( GB16264_color=Color&dwvar_V GB16264_size=NS), $7; and 3. [chambray sandals]( GB15956_color=Color&dwvar_V GB15956_size=1#navID=header&start=13&cgid=carters-baby-baby-girl-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all from

It’s never too early to introduce baby to nature’s wonders—especially when you have the perfect outfit in mind. This look checks off all the outdoor essentials: comfortable shoes, a cool pair of sunglasses and a laidback romper. 1. [Striped jersey romper]( 127G368_size=12M&dwvar_V 127G368_color=Color#navID=header&start=12&cgid=carters-baby-boy-little-collections), $12 ; 2. aviator sunglasses, $10; and 3. [sneakers]( GB15886_color=Color&dwvar_V GB15886_size=1#navID=header&start=6&cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all from

First Road Trip

It’s spring and you know what that means: time to hop in the car and explore new places. Before you hit the road though, make sure she has something super comfortable to wear, like this three-piece set complete with elastic-waist pants (the coziest option of course), a bodysuit that reflects just how excited she is about the trip and a cardigan to toss on if it gets cold. 1. [Three-piece cardigan set]( 126G525_color=Color&cgid=carters-baby-girl-little-collections&dwvar_V 126G525_size=12M#navID=header&start=38&cgid=carters-baby-girl-little-collections), $12; and 2. [Mary Jane crib shoes]( GB15856_size=NB&dwvar_VM GB15856_color=Color#navID=header&start=2&cgid=carters-baby-baby-girl-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all

The T-shirt says it all, baby boy is ready to get on the road. Prepare him for the journey ahead with this casual cool set including a denim windbreaker and khaki shorts. And since you’re about to go on adventure, why not be a little daring with the shoe choice? Add an extra fun touch with these high top sneakers with oh-so-subtle (but over-the-top cute) dinosaur scales. 1. [Three-piece little short set]( 127G397_size=12M&cgid=carters-baby-boy-little-collections&dwvar_V 127G397_color=Color#navID=header&start=2&cgid=carters-baby-boy-little-collections), $22; and 2. [high top sneakers]( GB15891_size=NB&dwvar_VM GB15891_color=Color#navID=header&start=6&cgid=carters-baby-baby-boy-accessories-shoes-and-slippers), $12; all

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