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Find Out Multipurpose Uses for These Everyday Baby Essentials

Multitasking must-haves that’ll help you minimize the baby clutter—and make Marie Kondo proud.

As a new or soon-to-be parent, you likely crowdsourced advice from friends and family to ensure you stocked up on all the right baby gear. But once the sea of stuff started taking over your home, did you ever wonder how long these must-haves will really last as baby grows? (Spoiler alert: Not long, for most of ‘em.) The good news is that there are multipurpose products out there that’ll continue to come in handy as your little one gets older—saving you money and paring down on the kid clutter in one fell swoop. Check out our recommendations for some of these multipurpose wonders and you’ll be on your way to earning Marie Kondo’s seal of approval in no time.

Click or tap below to reveal the surprising (and creative) uses.

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