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Nothing captures the essence of parenthood quite like stock photos.

What’s that? You don’t agree? Neither does Sara Given, the Ohio mom behind the new Tumblr account It’s Like They Know Us. She’s calling out the stock photo depictions of motherhood, from blissful breast pumping glam shots to the number of white couches featured in these photos (because what’s an afternoon of elbow grease and Resolve?). And she’s doing it by creating sarcastic captions.


“It’s cathartic to poke fun at these pictures when we know what parenting really looks like,” she told the Huffington Post. “There is so much pressure to get mothering ‘perfect’ that it makes every decision, every action, feel like it will make or break your child. And all of this is coming at a time when we are already mentally and physically exhausted.”

Photo: It's Like They Know Us

In other words, no, you should not feel pressured to walk around seductively with your BabyBjorn.

Photo: It's Like They Know Us

We really love the artsy ones.

Photo: It's Like They Know Us

What’s the worst stock image you’ve seen?

Photo: It's Like They Know Us
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