9 of the Most Adorable and Lovable Parenting and Pregnancy Moments From ‘The Office’

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March 2, 2017
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It actually hurts my heart to say that tonight The Office will air for the final time. After nine seasons, the cameras on Dunder Mifflin will shut off and the series so many have loved (including me!) will retire to the rerun hall of fame forevermore. But instead of dwelling on the sad, there have been so MANY lovable moments over the course of the series to make us smile — especially the hilarious, off-the-cuff parenting and pregnancy,  Jim and Pam,  Michael and Dwight moments from the entire cast.

From Michael’s outrageous baby shower planning to the adorable arrival of baby Halpert , here are nine of our favorite moments. May they live on forever!

1. Baby Astrid

2. Why Stanley Doesn’t Like Pregnant Women

3. Pam’s Water Breaking

4. Dwight Plays 'Shrute or Consequences’

5. Dwight’s Watermelon Water Breaks

6. Pam and Angela Are Pregnant!

7. Dunder Mifflin Reacts to Pam’s Pregnancy

8. Dwight Dishes on Pam’s Pregnancy

9. Baby Halpert — Every Step of the Way!

What was your favorite moment from The Office?

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