5 Things All Dads Wish Moms Knew

We got new dads to dish on what they wish their partners knew. So, listen up!
ByKylie McConville
August 17, 2017
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Let’s be honest: a new baby, a whole new lifestyle and a postpartum mama aren’t exactly the easiest things for most new daddies to get used to. Though they usually try to be helpful, it’s still a big adjustment. So, after hearing what moms wish their partners knew, we decided to pull a 180 and ask dads to share what they wish the women in their lives knew. Some of the answers may shock you.

#1. They miss you — and your attention.

“After baby was born, I did my best to help with everything my wife needed. And while I don’t mind doing it, I need a hug or a ‘good job’ every once in a while — some kind of appreciation for what I do!” — Jake B.

“I really wanted to take a trip with my wife, just the two of us. Even if we went away for a day together or were able to get a family member to stay with the kids for an overnight trip — or even to a movie! — I wanted that time together. So much of our energy went into the kids that for a while we forgot about each other.” — George R.

“I felt neglected after baby arrived. I know it’s only natural, but it was still hard to adjust.” — coachjoe22

#2. They really do think you’re the best mom in the world.

“Right after the birth of our second baby, I was amazed by everything my wife could do. Even though I didn’t understand everything she was going through — and didn’t know how to tell her that — I was still amazed by her.” — Rich W.

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“I seriously couldn’t get over the fact that my wife gave birth to our baby. What’s cooler than that?!” — Heath K.

“When I’m tired and losing patience with the kids, I think of how much harder it is for my wife because she’s with them every day. I think, if she can do it, so can I.” — Bill B.

#3. They need a break, too.

“When we found out we were having a second child, I told my wife I needed a man cave, so that I can go there every once in a while for a quality quiet moment.” — Ron M.

“Sometimes, I need a break from the ‘baby did this today’ conversation. I need my wife to listen about my day at work even when the baby is whining. Sometimes, I don’t want to be pummeled with baby problems from the minute I walk in the door. I want to tell you about my day, too, because that’s important to me.” — Simon T.

“Dads do a lot of things they don’t want to do, but we do it anyway. Sometimes, we need a day off.” — Cole O.

#4: Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

“I tell my wife that we don’t need to give the baby a bath every night because sometimes, I just want to hang out together and relax. A bath can wait, right?” — Harry G.

“Not going to lie, I pretend that I know what I’m doing with baby. Fake it till you make it, right? Hey, at least I’m trying!” — Joe V.

#5. They think you’re sexy. Maybe even more than they did before baby.

“I think my wife is sexy even though she tries to hide her postbaby body.” — Charles D.

“It’s such a turn-on to see my wife taking care of the kids, taking care of me and still managing to take care of her own career. I love it!” — Anthony L.

“Our relationship is better than ever before, now that baby’s arrived. I’m so much more in love with my wife and I didn’t even think that was possible.” — Seth R.

*Some names have been changed.


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