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TOMS Pledges Safe Births With New Bag Collection

With a long-standing reputation as one of the most charitable brands in business, it was only a matter of time before TOMS (famous for their shoes and glasses) expanded into the pregnancy realm.

The brand introduced a collection of bags last week. From wallets and cross-bodies to big ol’ duffels, these bags promise to save lives, and not just because they make it a cinch to carry diapers. Following its One for One model, with every purchase of a bag, TOMS will provide a safe birth kit and training for skilled birth attendants.

The facts are pretty sobering: Infection is one of the biggest causes of mother and/or newborn death. And the UN’s 2014 Millennium Development Goals Report showed that 40 million women around the world give birth without the help of a skilled birth attendant each year. TOMS’s mission is to provide mothers with the necessary training and materials for a safe birth, so that the likelihood of infection is reduced by a whopping 80 percent.

In spite of the name One for One, you’ll probably find yourself drawn to at least a few of the sturdy, chic bags they offer. You can go the beachy route with chevron totes, get a sleek new leather computer sleeve for work, or pick up our personal favorite: a  simple khaki tote that reads “You’ll be amazed at what this bag can do.”

Photo: Toms.com
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