Top 10 Pregnancy and Baby Trackers

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March 2, 2017
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Ah, the technical age. The software junkies sure haven’t taken a break when it comes to reproduction. And thank goodness too — with a new baby on board, it’s tough to keep track of, well, anything. Thankfully, there are handheld gadgets, online gizmos, and witty iPhone applications to the rescue for everything from counting contractions and kicks to keeping up with dirty diapers and naptimes. We’ve rounded up today’s top doodads created to make life as a new mom or mom-to-be a little easier.

                                    Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

The queen of all fertility tools, the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor (or CBEFM, in message board speak) measures a couple of hormones in your body — specifically luteinizing hormone and estrogen — to let you know when the time is ripe for baby making. There really isn’t a simpler way to estimate ovulation, and it gives you a heads up on up to six possible “fertile days.” From $189*, Store locator

  • Measures hormones to track ovulation

  • Identifies up to 6 fertile days

  • Noninvasive

  • Works with regular or irregular cycles

It’s so nice to hear baby’s beating heart each time you go to the doc. This Doppler is just like the ones used at OB offices — meaning you can pick up on that nice little thump-thump-thump while lounging on your own sofa. You can also use it to calculate baby’s heart rate, confirming that baby’s still going strong in there. $450 (to buy), $25 to rent; BellyBeats

  • Amplifies baby’s heartbeat

  • Noninvasive

  • Works with regular or irregular cycles

  • Tracks heart rate

                                    kickTrak Fetal Movement Tracking Device

Just about every doc recommends keeping track of your baby’s activity in the final months of pregnancy — less movement could mean trouble. True, it’s not too tough to just lie down and count movements for a few minutes, but sometimes it’s nice to have some reassurance. With the OB-designed kickTrak, you pick a time (whenever baby’s prone to jumping around), and then each day at the same time, push a button when baby moves. A little song will play when you’ve punched in 10 movements, and it records the past 10 days of activity for comparison. That way, you know to call the doc if it starts taking a lot longer to feel 10 kicks. $29, Amazon

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  • Counts and times fetal movement

  • Operated by pushing a button when baby kicks

  • Stores 10 most recent “sessions”

  • Counts down last 99 days of pregnancy

                           Contraction Timer

Put down your stopwatches, ladies. On this cool site, you just push the space bar (or yell at your partner to push it) at the beginning and end of each contraction. At a glance, you can see the duration you’ve worked up to. (Sure beats a paper/pen, or worse — the guessing game.) span>

  • Free

  • Makes contraction counting super-simple

  • Charts duration and frequency

                                    Baby Tracker: Nursing (iPhone app)

Lose the safety pin in your bra — a couple of clicks on this iPhone app easily keeps track of all the necessary nursing info: from which breast went last to how long baby’s been eating. There are functions for multiples and for bottle-feeding too. Export to a spreadsheet before baby’s next pediatrician run, and the doc won’t know what hit her.$7.99, ANDesigned

  • Timer for left and right sides

  • Reminder of which breast was last nursed

  • Records all nursing times

  • Functions for multiples

  • Can export to spreadsheet format

                                    ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer

Another gadget invented by parents, the ITZBEEN is essentially four digital timers in one, with cute little icon buttons built in to remind you which is which. At a glance, you can see how long it’s been since baby wet a diaper, ate, or napped, along with a fourth option that’s open to your own interpretation. The concept is simple but ingenious — saving loads of stress for exhausted new parents. $26, ITZBEEN

  • Four timers for various activities

  • Built-in nightlight

  • Clip for portability

  • Optional timer alarm

Baby care gets seriously high-tech with Trixie Tracker, created by a stay-at-home dad in North Carolina. Keep tabs on all of baby’s activities, complete with printable charts (in case you need evidence for the doc that baby really doesn’t sleep). There’s even a great function to keep track of pumped milk along with uber-detailed sleep charts to help you visualize baby’s snooze patterns. You can also keep up with lots of details for diaper changes, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and medicines. Plus, there’s a great mobile interface if you need to use the software on the go.

  • Records sleep, diapers, feeding, and medicines

  • Track diapers for free (small charge for other trackers)

  • Detailed charts help manage baby’s patterns

Input/Output Tracker

Okay, yes, this is on our own site, but we’ve got to say it’s a pretty useful way to track your baby in those first hectic weeks (and beyond — this is a great tool to have your caregiver use). It’s a simple graphic chart that you print out and plug in the date. Then make a quick note each time you feed, or circle a “pee” or “poo” diaper when you make a change. Save the sheets for later reference and doc appointments. Download the chart now

  • Free printable PDF

  • Tracks feedings and diaper changes

  • Spaces for charting and notes

                                    Baby Monitor iPhone Application

If it doesn’t weird you out to leave a cell phone beside (or in) the crib, this application works great as an uber-portable monitor. You just program another number into the monitor app and leave it near the snoozing tot. When it “hears” noise or detects movement (i.e., baby picking it up), the phone will give you a ring. You can then pick up the other line and listen in to baby’s babbling before swooping in to the rescue. $4.99,

  • Phone calls another number when noise is detected

  • Great for travel

  • Detects if baby picks up phone


It can be hard to tell how much of a workout you’re getting when you’re pushing a stroller around all day. Whether you’re scurrying to appointments or power walking around the 'hood, this gizmo uses a magnet and sensor stuck to your stroller wheel to keep up with how fast and how far you’re trekking. Plus, it can track your top and average speeds, add up your total daily mileage, and give you a heads up on temperature. $39.95, ToysRUs

  • Tracks speed, distance, time, and temp

  • Straps onto any stroller

  • Function for daily mileage

*All prices are subject to change.

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